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Hi, my kittens are three weeks old today. The newborn calander says that they should be eliminating on their own, but mom and my other two siamese keep stimulating them. I have not seen one bit of mess since they have been born. They seem to be healthy. They try to get out of the cat bed all the time, but they dont crawl out onto the floor yet. I have the cat bed on my bed. When I tried to move them off my bed Sarah just puts them back. I give up. The litterbox is on the other side of the room. Should the kitten be walking on the floor.
Also, how can I download pictures of them onto the site?
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It should be fine, count your lucky stars you have a momcat to do the duty.
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Mine were born 5-21; so will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Just yesterday, they finally started using the litterbox. I found one poo on the floor, and 7 in the box! I was so proud.
Your babies will grow up soon enough, if Momma wants to keep them in one area, she knows best. Soon enough, she will help litter train them!
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They will start using the litterbox when they are ready.
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