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Help bloody diarrhoea :(:(

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Just when I thought the diarrhoea was disappearing, one kitten has produced a lot of blood with its diarrhoea.
The vet had said the diarrhoea would clear after 3 days, it has been longer than that and the only improvement has been less frequent, and brown, not yellow.
But still bad diarrhoea. Now this kitten finished off with lots of blood coming drop by drop out of his anus.. I am so worried about entritis now is there anything I can do? Or what could be the cause?
I am just waiting for my lift to bring him to the vet
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I know it sounds gross but should I bring the bloody wipe with me in a zipbag for the vet? 0.o
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Oh no!!! Poor little one!!! I'm glad you're taking him to the vet!!!

Please keep us updated...

Sending vibes and prayers his way that he gets better soon!!!

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No, the blood could be anything- worms, the wrong food, an infection-really only a vet could tell you what it is.
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Back a bit confused. She thinks they are just finding it hard to digest the KMR and the diarrhoea could be an unbalance of bacteria, possibly from the lack of time on mother's milk.
She gave them all shots, to be repeated tomorrow.

Also she told me to start them on solids, she said the sooner these are off KMR the better but not to rush it. She tried them with a bit of food on her finger and they gobbled it down.. I thought almost 3 weeks is too early for solids? she said not to mash it with milk. I had just been trying to get them to lap at this stage but they found it more interesting to paddle in

Any comments?
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Now BOTH cheetah and smudge have bleeding
so far the other 2 seem clear.. I gave them some whiskas junior.. they sat in and rolled in it and ate a bit

I am beginning to worry about their weight now.. I can feel their spine but more worrying lately as I massage their bottoms to stimulate I can feel the hip bones..
I am weighing them tonight but am scared to see the result.

What should almost 3 week old handraised kittens weigh?

*sigh* their future looked so certain a week ago
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You can find weights on www.kitten-rescue.com

They will come off the bottle when they are ready. If it were me, I would get some GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and put one or two drops in the bottle before feeding. If they have bad bacteria, this will chase it down and help eliminate it as long as it isn't anything fatal. GSE is wonderful, but it isn't a miracle cure. Are they perhaps suckling each other's rectums and genitals? That can cause blood to show and if they are suckling you need to separate them from each other, keep them in the same area, just put something between them so they can't get to each other.
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