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DT for Sat, Dec 22nd.

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Top of the morning to all of you.
Aahhhhhhhhhhh, its 3 days before Christmas and there isn't a snowflake on the ground or in the forecast! Bummer, I really thought that maybe we'd have a New England White Christmas. Maybe next year.

Today I am heading the the Supermarket to shop for Christmas dinner. We are having 12 for dinner, and I don't even have a menu organized yet! I guess today I should concentrate on that! I already bought the spiral Honey ham, so now I just have to decide on what to make with it. Any thoughts anyone???

Have a happy Saturday!
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Thoughts on your dinner? No - but why not add a few more guests! hehe-just kidding. I love scalloped potatos with ham dinner and broccolli with cheese sauce - apple sauce is a great addition to ham. Oh Oh Oh - don't forget those Pillsbury rolls! What time do we eat?

I am going to have coffee with a friend and then off to a neighboring town to start a couple of child protective reports that came in last night. Wouldn't you think people could behave at least 4 days a year?

Big Scrabble challange on for tonight with an old friend of ours. That is always exciting.
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but according to the weather forcast, it should start snowing later today and continue on through Sunday. This actually isn't the best time for the first snowfall, since people have lost their winter driving skills over the warmer months, and we have a lot of ice under the snow, especially the first time. A lot of people have pre-Christmas travel plans and last minute shopping to do this weekend. Hopefully, everyone will be able to get around safely.
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I still have packages to mail! (Hi, mom-in-law and secret santa, I have your stuff, it's getting to the post office that messed me up.) Let's not even mention cards or a letter (what letter?)!

Not to mention that my tree is still not decorated, except with cats who insist on climbing it. And we have lost last year's Christmas stocking for my daughter so I need to find her a new one. And I haven't been able to get my shopping done because she is always with me! I was going to go today, but hubby took off with the car and who knows where or for how long. Santa can't come if I don't get out there and help him! Ay yi yi!

I feel like the White Rabbit, "So much to do, so little time!" Or is that Willie Wonka? Either way, I'm so late getting things done! But then it's good to be busy, and at least I have the chance to do them today (assuming hubby is just on an errand).

I miss white Chrismases too. Though the last few years I lived in Boston there was no snow in Dec. and only one good storm in Jan. so I guess that's not much different from Dallas, just colder up north.
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Debra Myers, you aren't that far from me in NY, are you???????? You can come for dessert!!!!!!!!!!

Sunlion, I know you've mentioned before you were in Boston. And you are right, although New England is COLD, there usually seems to be no snow till January!!!!!!!! Fine by me though, who wants to shovel anyway!!
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Ummm...no snow predicted here...bummer
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