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Litter Training

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My kitties are starting to pee in a corner of their box and they are due to start going in a litter tray right? 3ish weeks old.
So my only question is what 'litter' is safe for kittens?

I use sanicat.. I think with my rabbits litter tray as it is non clumping litter.. is that safe? But it is gritty.. hardly safe for kittens to be nibbling on?

Or will I just shred newspaper in a tray?

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There are a few organic litters that are safe even when the kits sample it. Swheat Scoop is made from wheat, Feline Pine is pine pellets, and Papurr is paper pellets.
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I'v just asked my boss, who runs a pet shop and has all the possible lists of pet products, and she says those aren't sold here
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Isn't it just natural for the kittens to try the litter? I mean they are curious and its something new to them....They should come to the conclusion that It doesn't taste good and spit it out....
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World's Best Cat Litter is a natural litter made from corn and I highly recommend it.
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