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blood on Fez's nose?

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Yesterday morning I gave Fez his meds and then left to run errands. When I came home a couple hours later, his nose had this reddish crust on it. It looked like his nose was bleeding and dried up, it was red on some parts and , it was a reddish brown. Anyway I wiped his nose, and it didnt come back.

I was trying to think about what it could have been, and I can only think of two things
1.I had given Fez Tunawater and mixed in some Missing Link in it, which is brown. He loved it! Maybe he got some of the missing link on his nose and it dried up?

2.He has been sneezing for 14 days, and has these sneezing fits where he will sneeze like 20 times in a row. Could his nose get dry and irrated from sneezing so much? I know that when i get sick and my nose is stuffy it gets red and irritated sometimes, and sometimes I get a bloody nose.

You guys think any of these two things could have caused this bloddy looking stuff on his nose? He is getting better, eating more, and looks more alert.(

As i said before it was just this one time and his nose is fine now.Should I be worried?
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Has he had an intranasal innoculation recently?
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not that i am aware of, he did get some shots when i got him about two weeks ago, but nothing recently.
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Well, two weeks is recent. Were they shots with a needle, or was the vaccine sprayed in his nose? The intranasal vaccine sometimes produces sores on the nostrils, that's why I asked.
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I have absolutly no idea, i was not with him when he got his shots. I'll call my vet and ask today. Thanks!
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