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Meeko's surgery.

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Well, I just came back from dropping my poor baby off at the vet's (Meeko has a lump on his back, and is having surgery today to remove it, as well as having his teeth cleaned since he's going to be under anyway) - he was already upset because he wasn't allowed to eat this morning, and then he freaked out when they shaved his back where the lump is. He's going to have his surgery around 11:00, and I get to pick him up at 5:00. If anyone could spare him any good thoughts or vibes that everything goes well (and that his lump is not cancerous!), I would so appreciate it, and I know he would too if he could understand.
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Good vibes for Meeko... I am sure everything will be okay and before you know it he will be as right as rain!
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Sending stack of good vibes for Meeko. I hope that his recovery is swift and all the news is good news
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Awww poor baby! (((((mega healing vibes for Meeko)))))
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Sending vibes and prayers that the lump is nothing serious!!!

Please keep us updated!
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Here's hoping you survive the next few hours without too much anguish and htat Meeko is fine.
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Prayers & the Best of Vibes to Meeko!!!
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Am sure his lump will be nothing, but i know it wont stop you worrying, even though my cats lump was a fatty lump, i was still in tears when he had his op (he had a dental at the same time too!!)
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Good luck Meeko! I hope the hours fly by and that all turns out ok...
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Sending lots and lots of good vibes to Meeko.
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Thank you so much! The surgery went well, no complications. He has eight stitches in his back, poor guy, and he'll go back in ten days to have them removed. He was very groggy last night, but today he seems to be feeling a lot better. They couldn't tell just from seeing it what bthe lump was, so it's been sent off to be tested... the vet could not tell me if she thought it was cancerous or not. The results won't be in until late next week, so I'm going to be freaking out until then , but for now I'm just glad that the surgery itself went well. Thank you again for all the thoughts and vibes!
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Yay!! I'm glad your boy is back home with you and recovering well. Sending loads of good vibes for a good result from those tests.
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