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Earthquake hit us today!

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I was on the back of my green horse- and he imploded out from under me and took off like Hell's demons were after him! When I finally got him stopped, and got down, that is when the tremor hit! Guess he sensed it coming and his response was to get the heck out of Dodge! At least we only got a small part of what hit Seattle so hard. Hope anyone on here that is from there is okay???
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I can symathise with anyone there! We were in the Northridge quake when it happened years ago. I was 3 months pregnant and it scared the poo out of me. I just hope they didn't loose very many lives.
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I live in Seattle and was on the top floor of a very tall (and old) building when the quake hit. It swayed so hard that I had trouble getting under a desk and then the ceiling tiles started to fall. Luckily the support structure held and nobody in my building was hurt but at the time we thought the whole building was going down! It was pretty scary trying to exit the building too, seeing the cracked walls and ceiling tiles laying around. I just kept thinking--what about aftershocks?

I rushed home to my cat who had hid in the closet under a shoe organizer. All the shoes fell off and she was trapped underneath the shelf. She's been acting very spooked all day and I feel so bad that she was all alone. Poor kitty.

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I am glad you are okay! My hubby was in the big earthquake in 63 in Alaska- his house slid down the hill and tumbled down into a deep chasm. He and his family had just gone to the store to get groceries. Had they been home, they would of all been in a world of hurt! It was weird, he showed me a LIFE magazine article and pointed to his house sliding down the chasm. Some surveyor guy got it on film. He lived in Turnigan Arms the epicenter of the quake- 9.0 I think if I remember right!
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You know, animals are EXTREMELY perceptive to nature. If I saw my cats acting strange one morning I might be prone to check for tornado watches or hurricanes. Geez, nobody is safe anywhere. Earthquakes out west, tornadoe ally in the center states, hurricanes on the East Coast and freezing blizzards up North.
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I'm glad you're all safe! I saw it on the news last night and I was thinking about you guys.

At least we don't have these kinds of trouble over here in Israel (that's okay we have our share of other kinds of trouble )
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Hi Hissy,

Where in Oregon are you from? I live in Portland, and we felt it pretty good here too. I have friends in the seattle area and they said the whole experience was pretty spooky. I however, think it is kind of exciting to experience Mother Nature and all of her glory!! Sure am glad everyone made it out okay.
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Oh my gosh!!! I have never been in an earthquake...I would freak! I am sure glad all of you who went through it are okay!!!! How scary!!!!!
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You know, people ask me all the time how I could live in CA with the earthquakes. I really dont think they are that bad. It is no worse than a tornado or hurricane. It is somewhat exciting once everything stops shaking and you check everything out. When we had the Northridge quake in 94, I swear the earth shook in every direction imaginable. You should have seen the things on my shelves, some forward, some back. Then I had a CD rack Screwed to the wall and it flung the CD's all over the place. The only bad part was all the aftershocks, which you never knew if it was going to be another big one. I am so glad to hear that this last one didn't do as much damage!!
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