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Emergency preparedness - for the cats

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With last week's 7.2 earthquake off the California coast (initially reported as a 7.4 quake), there was a tsunami warning for the whole west coast. Though they downgraded it within an hour or so and our local emergency personnel never did call for an evacuation, I decided to get out of town on my own. I live in a town on a long, narrow peninsula, and there is only one way out of town for the thousands of residents and tourists here. Though I thought there was a low risk, my feeling was that if I waited until an evacuation was ordered (in the remote event it did happen), there was a slim chance that the thousands of people would make it out in time. I was unprepared myself, so I left without my cats, and spent the night with my stepdaughter, 40 miles inland.

Next time I want to be better prepared. The local emergency departments offer a list of items to include in an emergency "kit" for humans, but I wonder if you folks would help me itemize a list of things I should have ready for my cats, so I could just grab the "kit" and my cats and jump in the pickup, should this happen again. Currently I only have one carrier large enough to easily get a cat in quickly. (I have a second, but it is smaller, and is a bit more unpredictable as to how fast I could get a cat in it.) And I have three cats. Here is what I have on my list so far:

carriers for each cat
bottled water
dish for the water
cat food
dish for cat food
litter box
plastic bags for dirty litter
pooper scooper

Am I missing anything? The cats and maybe me, too, would have to live in the covered back of a pickup for a couple of days or maybe longer if a tsusami were for real and I made it as far as the named evacuation site for this area. Because of the geography of the area, it is possible we could be cut off from "civilization" for a week or longer.
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I don't have any advice for you, but what a good idea.
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Carol...this thread is an exellent idea. I live in earthquake country. I have felt 3 fairly strong ones recently. My kitties are almost 5 yars old & have never worn collars with ID tags before. Today, they started wearing their collars. The ID tags are on the way.
I like your list...I hope that other members add their suggestions.
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I would add some rescue remedy, some feliway spray because if a disaster does strike the cats are going to be stressed out. I would also add betadine solution and vet wrap as well as sanitary napkins (in case of injury) You can flush wounds with the betadine, wrap a sanitary napkin around the wound and secure it all with vet wrap until you can find a vet.
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Thanks MA....What is rescue remedy & vet wrap? I am going to make up a bag with the stuff that I need for the furkids in case of emergency. I am very aware right now, that if we have one, my babies lives will depend on me being ready to take care of them. I have a lot to learn. I would love to take a first aid class for cats.
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Bach's Flower Remedy- a mixture of flower essences that can be used for various purposes

Vet wrap is like elastic wrap- when you sprain your wrist, the bandage the doctor uses? But vet wrap is sticky, so you wrap it loose, because it tightens as you wear it. It is good stuff.

Also, I would include a current photo of each of your cat, taped to the top of the carrier- in case they get out and get lost.
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Those are some really good ideas that I'd probably never have thought of. Also, since one of my cats often gets carsick and there is always the potential of having to clean up hairballs, I'll add disposable gloves, rags, and paper towels.
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what a wonderful thread!!!! I wouldnt have thought of half of these things. Thankfully i wont need to prepare anything until the summer - here we have bushfires in the summer.
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Great thread and a fantastic idea.

I would also add Cat Shampoo - if they are likely to be car sick or otherwise mess their carrier because they are stressed, they may need a good wash when they get to a place of safety.

Rescue Remedy is great - we put a little on Lily's ears when she came into heat to alleviate the symptoms and on Addie when she first came inside as a feral. It calmed them both.
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I'd add some terrycloth towels, which could double as blankets. Also photocopies of their vaccination records, to prove that their rabies shots are up to date - I know rabies has been quite a concern in South Asia since the tsunami there. At least one cat harness and leash wouldn't be a bad idea.
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Take the HSUS Disaster Preparedness quiz here .
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Thanks for the link....

Originally Posted by lotsocats
Take the HSUS Disaster Preparedness quiz here .
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Thank you for starting this thread, some really great suggestions in your list
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Thankfully Nano is adaptable so she could tolerate a "survival" or "emergency" situation...

Well, I have a nice-sized carrier.

And I keep at least half a dozen cans of her favorite wet food in stock, so in the event of an emergency she would go with that exclusively to take care of her food and water needs.

It would be helpless to try to deal with cat litter and litterboxes, but I have 10 boxes of baking soda in my hurricane kit so I'd use some to clean up any accidents.

So for suggestions: Maybe add baking soda to your kit?
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