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They like each other!!!!

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Finally!!! I saw them sleep together!! GIvine each other kisses, snuggling!! Dinah has officially given her approval!!!
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Awww... how sweet. What's the new little one's name?
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Yeah! I love it when this happens!
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Dinah and her little sister... What cutie patooties they are!!
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Aw, a sweet photo and so pretty! Black cats are so hard to photograph--I've got too many pictures to count where Chesty or Eva's apparent cuteness is obscured. Oh well, they're so beautiful to look at!
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awww,,,they both are so beautiful!!!! what is your new little one's name???
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Very beautiful, they love each other!!! Poor luck that the black kittys face was so noticable... But you can just tell the baby was content!
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Yea! I'm so happy for you! I'm hoping my little girls will do that one day too!
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Aww! That's one sweet pic!
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The new baby's name is ScatCat. He's about 3 1/2 months old. He's a lover!!!!
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That's such a cute name!
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Awww how wonderful . What a special moment.
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Fantasic! Great photo!
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I'm glad to hear your cats are getting along well.
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awww sweet
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I'm so glad you captured a picture of that moment . Very sweet!
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