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Sick kitten....please help ASAP!

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Hi I have a sick kitten. She is obviously having a lot of trouble breathing. Obviously some kind of sinus/lung congestion or cold or pneumonia. She is still nursing off her mother and her mother is sick too but not as bad. What I'm wondering is if the kitten got sick from nursing off her mother? And do I need to bottle feed the kitten instead,...I can't get her to a vet at least not 'til tomorrow. I have some KMR and some antibiotic pills (baytril) from the vet I was thinking of dissolving.....should I use these? Thanks so much.
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No, do not ever use prescription meds that aren't specifically prescribed to that cat for current health issues.
I would leave them be for the night and get the mom and her baby (all of them if more than one) to the vet as soon as you can.
If her breathing is very labored, I suggest you get them to an ER vet straight away.
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If the kitten has a pink nose or ears check that they are nice and pink, you should be able to see the veins in her ears. I didn't notice this and almost lost my baby, she had to have fluid removed from her lungs with a syringe because it was causing her to not get enough oxygen.
If she is feeling cool and is lethargic GO TO THE VET"S NOW!
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Please take her to the vets now!

She's in my thoughts.
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If the kitten is warm to the touch and the paws are not cold, you have a tiny slip of time. But please get the family to the vet straightaway. If you have a vaporizer you can set it up in the room, not to close to the family, but close enough they will get the benefit of the steam and vapor. I recently bought one at Safeway, it was made for babies, and used it on the latest rescues, they all had a touch of pneumonia. It was on sale for $12.00 well worth the price.
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