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Little Precious...

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Well I got home last night and came to a dead halt in the road to find that someone had run over our pregnant outside cat. I of course went running inside crying to tell dad, he was so upset and he went out at 1015 to give them a burial in our yard along with all the other little strays and Killian. She just started hanging around again (she was born last summer sometime) and mom and dad have been feeding her and her siblings. I can't believe this happened. My heart leaped into my throat and I had to go cuddle Finnegan. She was just getting to the point where she'd let us get near her and mom noticed the other night that she was preggers. I had talked to her just tuesday night and we did blinkies from a distance, when i got home she was sitting in the carport when I pulled up, like she was waiting for me. I was hoping she'd get to be more friendly so I could maybe take her in or at least find her a good home. I do know they've been living in the neighbor down the streets garage and she leaves food out for them too.. *sigh* I know I'm rambling but I just feel so bad I'm done before I start again.. Hopefully Killian found her fast and they're all playing at the rainbow.......
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I am so sorry for this loss. Your family is under too much stress already, and now to lose Little Precious, just as she begins to tame, is just tragic. May you find peace in your heart in knowing you did all that you could.

Rescue is not for the weak. I hope you can catch some of her siblings, soon. Give Finnegan some extra chin scritches from me. I hope someday all of Little Precious' siblings can be as safe as he is.

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Thanks.. I hope that her siblings will be ok too.. Hopefully mom will see them around soon. She said dad had just fed them not long before i got home last night. On top of all of our family problems started my job Monday and am trying to learn all of this crap I need to do and when i got home last night I just broke down... *sigh* Hopefully things will get better soon...
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My Heart goes out to you, It's never easy when something like this happens, it's very sad, I'm thinking of you and that sweet cat
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What a sad story...I'm so sorry. Sending you wishes & prayers to heal your pain. Never easy when this happens...stray, feral or inside fuzzy babies. You are in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry to hear about this, my condolences.
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Oh that is so sad. I'm so sorry.
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Aww, poor you. Fingers crossed for her siblings. You are doing some wonderful work to make sure these cats get a better life, please dont forget that.
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oh sweetheart I am so very sorry to read of this news

You do know that Little Precious is watching over you now and knows that you will look after her siblings the best way that you can. I am confident that Killian was waiting for her and is now showing her around the bridge.

Little Precious now has her wings

RIP little one
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts.. Everytime i think about it I just want to cry again... I hate people who will just run over defenseless animals
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Oh I'm so sorry Stacey. You have the consolation of knowing you did everything you could for Little Precious while she was still with us. Although her life may not have been long - she had guardians who would love and care for her while she was here.

Hugs to you
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So sorry to hear about this.. Our hearts go out to you.
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I'm so sorry for you loss. Just realize you did everything you coudl for her while she was ehre. Because of that, her time here was better.
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