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Asthma update

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I finally started Minmin on the Flovent inhaler followed by Ventalin using the Feline Aerosol Chamber to treat her asthma. I was nervous about trying to get her to stay still to allow me to administer it. I am happy to report that it went very well. She tolerates it better than when I was giving her oral meds. Such a relief!!!
So if anyone else has a kitty diagnosed with asthma, I believe that this is the way to go as far as treatments go. This way, they do not encounter any side effects whereas meds do.
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I have a cat who might be asthmatic (hopefully not... I'll find out in a few weeks). Right now she's on steroid oral medication (I don't remember the name). If it turns out that she is asthmatic, I'll have to keep her on medication.
My vet said they also had an injection available that would last for 2-3 weeks.
She didn't mention the Aerosol Chamber. What is that exactly?
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I have an asthmatic kitty that is not on any current medications. I didn't feel her situation was bad enough to put her on steroids (with their history of causing liver and kidney damage over time), and wanted to put it off for as long as possible. She manages well, having only one or two attacks a week that last only a few seconds.

I will have to talk to my vet about the inhaler option if she gets worse. There are no side effects at all?
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marie-p...if you check out the website fritzthebrave.com you will see what the Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber looks like and how it works. The inhaler is attached at one end to allow medication to be administered.
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Ravyn...I had the option of using oral medications or using the Chamber.
After much reading up on the subject and asking for advice here, I decided to go with the chamber because with time, the use of oral cortisone meds can cause problems with certain organs. With the inhaler, the cortisone goes directly into the lungs and does not effect any other organ whatsoever. This method was also highly recommended by my vet. Mind you, every medication, no matter how it is given, has the potential for side effects. She had to be treated in order to lead a normal life and I chose the one I felt most safe with.
If I can make a suggestion, you say that you are not currently treating your cat who is asthmatic...if left untreated, no matter how infrequent she is showing symptoms, asthma cannot be cured and will get worse with time. I would look into starting your kitty on a treatment as-soon-as possible before she does get any worse. Good luck!!
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I will ask my vet about it

You know what I just realized, however. Your cat with asthma's name is Minmin. My cat that's asthmatic's name is Min. How funny is that?
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That IS funny Ravyn!! Also, glad to know that you will be checking with your vet.
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