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Hi Everyone! Newbie here!!

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Hi there!

I've discovered this site via a blog I commonly visit and I'm totally addicted! I've read lots before registering myself, and I was totally blown away by Hissy's story about the kitties she rescued after their mother died (poisoned). She's a complete angel.....and all I can say is, yay Oliver!!!

Ever since I can remember I've always adored cats and ALWAYS wanted one of my very own...stern parents never allowed one in the house...and roomie allergies prevented that until now...At the end of April my boyfriend finally broke down (yeah...someone determined he'd rather a dog but now he sleeps alongside of him on a nightly basis!), and we went to find BOSCO!! --My first little baby kitty, my pride and joy! I'm not overly 'technical' with these things, so I don't have a pic to include in the post, but feel free to visit my boyfriend's site/gallery for pics of our little monster:

He's a DSH, white & orange...but mostly white...with a perfect heart-shaped patch on his back. Bosco 'picked me' at the pet store...he was the first little guy I picked up...and he immediately began purring and licking my hand. It was love at first sight!

I have many questions because I want to make sure Bosco is as healthy and happy as he can be, so stay tuned.

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Hi Welcome to TCS Glad you found this place It is totally addicting..
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Yes, so I've already learned!!

My boyfriend thinks it's a I don't care. I love it!!
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Welcome to the CatSite, Sunshine Amber! That Bosco is a handsome guy!
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Why thank you!! I think so too! Your furry little fellas are pretty handsome too!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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Hi Amber! Welcome to TCS! You're certainly right about this site being addictive!
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Howdy Amber! Nice to have you and Bosco here.
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Bosco is adorable. He looks like he can be full of mischief some times.
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Welcome I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome Amber and Bosco. Bosco is really very handsome! Glad to have you here with all these awesome people.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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What a pretty boy! Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome
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