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I'm so completely confused these days and i don't know what to do to help a barn kitten at the stable where i board my horses at.This little kitten,Jasmine,is only 8 months old!She'd no sooner come into her first heat when she decided she'd run off for a few days.You know what that means-trouble!Now here she is in her third week of pregnancy-as it may already be apart i don't know a whole about kittens/cats-so where do i go from here?!How can i comfort Jasmine during her weeks on pregnancy...how can i take care of her?!Any suggestions???Thanks!

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Well, you could try and find a vet who will spay her despite her pregnancy, if you want to go that route. Or otherwise you can ensure she has lots of nourishment to help her and the growing kittens, by feeding her kitten food at every opportunity you get.
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Spaying despite the pregnancy is definitely a choice if you can find a vet who will do it. This way there will be no kittens (even though they're so cute!) to have to find homes for, and the risk of problems for the mom going through delivery will not be there. She is so young that I would be afraid for her health.

Also, if she does have the kittens, someone will have to make sure to keep her inside somewhere before you can get her spayed so that she doesn't go back out and get pregnant again, because they can go into heat again shortly after delivery.

Please keep us updated on what you decide. You are awesome for caring for this little girl!
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Thank sooo much for your posts and all of your help! Those both sound like great ideas and certainly i'd have it done,but i'd have to talk to the owner of the barn first to see what she says-had she of been me kitten she would have already been spayed by now!!Thank you again and i will surely keep you posted!!

*Jocelyn n' Mizz Jasmine*
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Just a thought, but if the owner is reluctant, are you in a position of offering to pay for it yourself? Or maybe there is a low- or no-cost spay clinic nearby you somewhere?

Best of luck and please let us know how it goes?

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If the owner is willing to spay the cat...and you need a list of low cost/free clinics in your state...just let me know. However, if the owner decides he/she does NOT want to spay the cat....then the best thing to do is to move her into a place (an interior room in a house is a good idea) where this cat can have her kittens in safety. She definately should be checked out be a vet first. Once she has had her kittens and weaned them...she should be spayed and if possible, her kittens should also be fixed before going into homes. She will need to stay indoors with no access outdoors until she is spayed since cats go back into heat very quickly after giving birth.

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