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mailing mistakes

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Has anyone ever made silly misktakes when mailing packages/letters? I don'tknow what I was thinking the other morning when I was putting the stamps on all my cards: i put the stamp in the left-hand corner and put my return address sticker in the right hand side corner! :LOL: I am hoping the post office mailed them out still! Now, everyone going to think, "What the heck!"
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When I was about 8 or 9 years old I remember I wanted to help my Mom with the Christmas cards, so she said I could put the stamps on them. Halfway through I don't know HOW many envelopes, she stopped me because I was putting the stamps in all the corners but the right one! That's how I learned that the stamp goes on the upper right corner of an envelope.

Thanks for the memory, Tigger! :LOL:

(By the way, all the cards went through just fine.)
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I have a terrible habit of putting the stamp and return label on when the card is upside down.....I have done it so many times, and every time I do it, I think to myself, " Why the hell do I always do this?". I must have a genetic tendency to be backwards.
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When I am sending out Christmas cards, I sometimes find that one of the envelops was upside down when I addressed it and put the stamp on. Didn't happen this year!!
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