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I run an RPG forum/roleplay/tandem writing/whatever you wanna call it, called the Edda of Rhye. I've been a member of the Edda for over ten years, and its RM for eight. I was co-RM with a wonderful man who tragically passed away over a year ago. Ever since he died, save for a very few loyal hangers-on (and I do mean, very few), everyone else has left the boards or gone AWOL.

I have put a great deal of time and effort into these boards, as he did. I am determined not to see it die, but besides myself there is only one other woman who writes on a regular basis. We used to have over twenty.

So, if you like loose historical fantasy roleplay (VERY loose) and if you are seventeen or older...some scenes can get steamy! Please check us out! Refer us to your friends!

The Edda of Rhye

P.S. As some here may know, our board host EZBoard was hacked into on May 31st, and as a result we have lost a year's worth of storyline on our board. So a lot of backstory has vanished. However, we are more than willing to fill anyone in on anything they need!

Hope to see you there!