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My Foster Kittens :)

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Here's my little angels being fed and played with an hour ago

Time for feeding!
''look mama we found out how to crawl under the pee pad so we can go to the toilet directly on the towels!! yay! ''

Kovu is a little greedy guzzler

Squeaker prefers to suck my thumb.. I don't hold him like this for feeding, it is just hard to take a good pic when you are trying to feed so darn wiggly

The smudge on Smudge's nose that earned him his name He is in need of a nice bath when he isn't ill.. damp cloths just don't clean his little tuxedo


Cheetah on the prowl

And Kovu getting sleepy for bedtime

Hope you like Good vibes needed for these poor babies
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They are SO adorable!!!

I love the first picture. They always figure out SOME way of making everything a mess.
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They are the sweetest things. So cute and sweet.
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Oh bless their little hearts! Sending the (((((strong healthy vibes from the 3 of us)))))
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I can't stand how cute they all are!!

You forget how little they are...please give them all a great big kiss on their little kitten lips for me.
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Your doing a wonderful job!!! They are very lucky to have you!
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They're gorgeous! Cheetah is my fave.
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Cheetah is the one I think has seeing difficulties seems only time will tell..
They are all special to me but I do have a soft spot for squeaker.. when it is time to feed they will whinge until they have the syringe in their mouths.. but he'll be quiet and start purring the second I pick him up, even though his little belly wants food. He is the little runt too
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They are just way, way too cute!! Bless you for taking such great care of them!
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Squeker is an adorable little pudge. I tend to fall for the runts, since I am a bit of one myself. But it my last set I fell for the pudgiest one.

Good luck Chetah!
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Now I want a new kitten!!! :-o A tiny one!!! lol
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Aw I hope little Cheetah doesn't have any seeing difficulties! healthy vibes coming his way.
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15 mins to midnight and finally all tucked up now I can sleep for about 5 hours XD

Yay! there was a solid poo!

But they are still very skinny.. more whiskas needed tomorrow I think
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Aww what cuties Reminds me of my bunch, you are a very good foster meowmy! I have fallen for our runt too, she's a little Siamese like her daddy must have been
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awww so cute
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They are all adorable. Special prayers going out for all of your furbabies & extra special vibes for your little sweetie pie, Cheetah.
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