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Calmer after spaying?

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Hi all!

This is the first time I've had a kitten, and kitten behaviour is rather new to me. So please bear with this beginner!

My kitten is 11 weeks old (female) and I've had her for 3 weeks. I know cats are nocturnal, and my kitten does only like to play at night, but what is their 'playing' supposed to be like? My kitten has toys she likes wrestling with, which is normal, but sometimes she randomly gives us family members the arched back thing that says she's frightened. We never do anything to frighten her, if anything, the arch back pose frightens some of my friends! Is this normal? Does such behaviour continue on for a period? How long?

I enjoy playing with my kitten at night (the only time she plays), but due to my busy schedule I'm quite knackered as I hold down a job and attend university. Is there anyway I could alter the playing time, so she plays during the morning/afternoon and sleep during the night? Or is that asking for the impossible?

One last and main thing I would like to know is, apparantly kittens become 'calmer' after getting spayed. Is this true? And to what extent do they become calmer? What I mean is, do they reduce the amount playing they do? I plan to keep my kitty indoors, and at the moment my kitty plays like mad. After spaying, will she still play as aggressively-keeping in mind that the only place she will be playing is indoors?

Thanks for any help you all can give!
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I just got my first kitten about a week ago. I have had 2 dogs and after they got fixed they both calmed down and they were playful but not as crazy and they weren't angry anymore. My dad did have one cat before and after he got it fixed he became kind but very lazy and slowly became fat. I'm getting my kitten fixed in a few months.
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Oh you have weeks of fun and games ahead of you!!.

As a kitten Sophie would arch her back if Rosie came into the room and she'd jump sideways

I can practically set my watch to both of them on an evening, because between 10- 11p.m they both decide they want to have a game of chase around the house, which is running upstairs, then the other chases the other one back down, through the livingroom, around the kitchen, then back upstairs again.

I always make sure i have some play with them on an evening before bedtime to tire them out, especially Sophie otherwise she'll be up when the birds start singing!!

She has got a little calmer since she was spayed, but only a little!
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Welcome to the world of kitties . Your little girl is very young and will calm down as she gets older.

But in the meantime you can adjust her playtime. With Lily we tried to wear her out before bed - this really works. She has a little routine now, she has a play before bed, robust, fast-running play. Then when we go to bed she has a patrol routine that doesn't last very long. She has to go and inspect and "guard" each room. Then she comes to bed and sleeps right through til morning.

Before we started to wear her out before bed it was like listening to a herd of elephants charging up and down the stairs and around the bedroom.

In terms of aggressive play, I would make sure that you play with toys with her and avoid "play fighting" with hands. That way she will learn that hands are for fussing and giving treats and toys are to play with.

Good luck - have you posted any pictures of your little one yet?
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"Calmer" at 11 weeks is a relative thing....certainly your kitten is still going to be plenty active!!
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Haha! Yes I heard that cats arch their backs not only during their time outdoors when frightened, but also while playing, but my Ruby does it randomly and it takes us by surprise! Friends who don't see it often get quite scared! Is it normal if they do it to us mommy and daddys? Will she grow out of it?

So even after spaying they continue to play with the same aggressiveness (towards the toys!) as before? Or does this increase with age as hunting skills develop? Or decrease as they become calmer? Haha, if that makes any sense?!

Despite me having bought several little baskets and 'bed's for Ruby, she never sleeps in them! She jumps into bed with me and I've tried to tell her no (she knows what that means!) but she makes a funny noise at me! Is there anyway I can encourage her to sleep in her bed?

Thanks everyone for the input! Keep the help coming!

P.s - I have yet to post pictures of my darling Ruby!
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In my experience with my four girls it has been age rather than spaying that has been the factor that calms them down. They get calmer from around 9 months onwards if I remember.

I can't answer you on the bed one - Lily sleeps with us on the bed at night - yes she's thoroughly spoiled . She sleeps in her beds during the day.
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