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Cat Fights...when enough is enough?

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First off, I see a behavior forum, but I saw that many people where viewing here...so I hope that is okay. This is my first post.

Of course I've seeked out a forum such as this because we're having some serious cat trouble and it's breaking my heart

Some background - Feel free to skip if my post gets too long - We have three cats. Willow, a domestic short hair joined us in 2001, the baby of the house, so much fun. Then in 2003 we were finally in a bigger place and decided Willow needed a buddy. I grew up with Bengal cats so we really wanted one, so we brought home Wesley. Then last year we ended up with a mixed bengal, Gunther, born in 1998...which was at one point my cat, when I went away to college, my mom took him, then refused to give him back and long story short, I finally got him back...do to an unfortunate situation actually. So now we have 3 cats...in a 2 bedroom, 1300sq ft apt. Fun!

We really thought Willow and Wesley would hit it off when he joined us. At first it was fine, then as he got larger, he started to play very hard with her...we knew he was playing, she would get mad, and he has a good 5lbs on her...he's a really big cat. So she started hiding more, would only come to me...hate's my husband. Then when Gunther joined us it got worse. Gunther and Wesley completely hit it off, great little buddies and they beat the heck out of Willow. She hisses if they walk by her...would attack Gunther when he tried to eat for the first couple months...she hides and recently she has taken to urinating behind our couch...I managed to catch her in the act today. I don't know what to do. I've tried seperating, distraction, but it's getting us no where. Wesley and Gunther are both reallly loveable cats to my husband and I...but they are far too rough with Willow and I hate to see her suffer....but I'm torn on finding her a new home, I keep thinking all the distraction, seperation will get us somewhere, but it seems that things are only geting worse, even with all the consistency, husband and I are both home with them all day working....

My husband has turned to buying wild anti depressent spray for the cats...seeing the vet says Willow is stressed, that we're doing what we should be, etc... she goes back again tomorrow morning. I'm at such a loss, I hate to see her get beat up by the others...she gets scratches, etc. from the "playing" it's just a game to the other cats and they work together to corner her and chase her...if she enjoyed it, it would truly be hilarious...but she doesn't...

When does the time come that I should suck it up and find her a new home...will she be happier elsewhere...will it make things worse for her... I hate to remove Wesley or Gunther because I really don't believe they mean any harm...there is never yelling, hissing, growling, fluffly tails on their part...am I way off base here...should I have gotten rid of someone a long time ago? I really really appreciate your help on this.
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I'll move this to Behavior since this is a behavioral question. The people most knowledgable and able to assist you with this type of issue will look at the Behavior forum, even if it isn't the busiest one on the board.
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Ok, thanks!
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I am really sorry to hear about this... Have u tried Feliway plug in? That might help. Also I'd recommend re introducing them if that's possible? I believe there's a thread on introducing/reintroducing at the top of the behavior forum.

I'm sure others more knowledgable on this will give advice on this...

Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for u guys.. Keep us posted..
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I think you're correct --- this isn't playing, this is aggression. I doubt Feliway is going to work. After this long of a time, I think you need professional help: a feline behavioral expert. Ask your vet for a reference. The expert can design a program to attempt to get these cats back on peacable terms. He/she may also incorporate medication as well as behavior modification.

Good luck. It's a tough spot to be in.
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*sigh* I feel for you...see my thread here -http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54196

I don't really have any advice...but if you have a look in my thread you'll see we are now working with an animal behaviouralist and i've posted all what she's told us and how it's going....
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Thank you so much for all the advice, I really appreciate it all. We're going to try reintroduction...even though our vet honestly beleives it may not work, mainly because she was kitty #1 and basically this really is her territory and secondly, we live in an apartment and our bengal boy opens doors...lol...we have the lever style and he stretches up and wallalaaa...learned this to hang out iwth daddy in his office all day We are going to TRY and I will keep you all posted. Thakn you again, very much.
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First off make sure these cats do not share anything- not food bowls, not water bowls, not litter pans. You should have four litter pans for these cats. Each cat should have his own food and water dish- unless you buy a pet fountain because the circulating water and the filter wipes away any other cat's scent.

You should have places in your home where the cats can get off the floor at various levels www.katwallks.com has the best product, these ramps get your cats up high and height in the cat world is important. Whatever you use, have a lot of them, because you have three cats and you will have conflict with three cats.

The Feliway Comfort Zone Room Diffuser will be helpful, I would buy two or three and plug them in-

Also go to www.littlebigcat.com look through Jackson's library of articles and then go to their second site (link will be on initial site) and order some flower remedies to drop into your cat's water.

Once you determine who your alpha cat is, put his food down first, even if it is just seconds before you put the other bowls down. Feed the cats in the same room, but not close together that will help some of the problems you are encountering.

Look into Pam Johnson-Bennett's book cat -vs-cat
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