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Angry but so relieved!

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I am going on holiday on July 9th, and usually I have a housemate who can look after the kits while I am gone. At present my only housemate is a guy, who while OK in many ways, is not really a cat person. He likes them (pretends not to) but will not really do anything apart from feeding them. That is fine for a couple of days, but this time it is three weeks! He said he would do it, including the litter trays etc, but I had a nagging worry - you know. And also he does not understand why I want them in at night - I get the 'cats are nocturnal, the weather is good' stuff. Then, last Tuesday, Persil did not show up for dinner and I got worried. I called and went to look but no sign. By 10PM I was freaking, she had never been out so late. John kept telling me she was a cat, cats are OK etc etc. At around 1100 I went out again, and this time I thought I heard her through the hedge that borders my neighbour's farm. Anyway, after crawling through the hedge I found her trapped in the chicken run and I had to pull her out through a tiny gap between the wall and the wire fence. John just shrugged when I brought her home. That finished it - no way is he going to be left in charge.

But I have a solution - a lovely friend of mine is going to catsit! She has agreed to stay at the house all the time I am away and she is a real cat person but because she has only recently arrived here she currently has none of her own. On her visits to my house the cats really like her and she interacts well, so I am happy. She is also a teacher so is responsible. I can go away with a light heart (except of course I will miss them, but as I shall be preparing our furever home in France my conscience is clear).
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I'm so glad you found someone caring and responsible to care for your furbabies! Three weeks is a long time.
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I KNOW the feeling! Some people just don't understand why we worry so about our furbabies.

I remember a couple years ago, I was living in a basement apt and the Landlord and his wife liked cats. Well, normally if the landlord needed to get into my basement to do repairs or whatever (the basement apt was separate from the rest of the house), he'd notify me so I'd be home to watch the cats.

Once I arrived home, noticed that 1 couch was ajar and 2 cats were missing.. After looking all over and finding no sign of 2 cats, I was FREAKING out. I went up to my landlord and asked if he had come into my apt.. He said "oh yeah, I needed to do something quickly so I just went in. Why?" After I explained about my cats being missing, he just shrugged and said he was sure they'd turn up somewhere! I was soooo tempted to scream at him.

After hunting more, I found out that they had slipped into this small space in between the walls/ceiling (normally it was closed with a shutter and kept shut by my couch but when he moved the couch, he left the shutter ajar so that's how the gals got in). It took me over an hour to coax Zebra and Pepper out.. They were covered with dirt and cobwebs.

After that, I told the landlord to NEVER come into my apt without notifying me FIRST and that I MUST be there since I couldn't trust him with my cats again. He apologized and never did that again.

I'm real glad that u were able to get a reliable cat sitter so u can have peace of mind..
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I'm glad you found "back-up", Jenny! A lot can happen in three weeks, and it's much better to have a worrywart looking after the kitties than somebody with the attitude, "Que serÃ:censor:, serÃ:censor:!"
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Oh Good Grief, Jenny! You must have been furious. Not to mention that your sweet baby has been through enough pain and all your vet bills to have something stupid like that happen. Well, I am glad to hear Persil is safe and sound now . What a streak of luck you had finding someone who seems to fit the bill perfectly so you don't have to worry while you are gone.
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Glad you have found someone responsible.
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