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Ivory's first bath

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And I pray to whatever powers may be that it's her last!
Actually, she took it better than I thought, she didn't like it at all, but she was good about it.

She had some poopie issues while on her antibiotics, and then later she completely messed herself while coming out of anesthesia from her surgery, but I had to wait until her stitches were out and the scabbing gone.

The good thing about bathing kittens is that their coats are still thin, and don't take long to dry.
Ivory is longhaired, and after a good, brisk rubbing and toweling, she was completely dry in 25 minutes!

Wish my hair dried that fast
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This is a good opportunity to get her used to taking baths. I give my cats baths about every six weeks to two months. But they're all short-hairs.
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She's on eye meds for life, which also means vet trips each time they get refilled, I'm going to let the vet techs or assistants handle her bathing.

My thermostat needs replaced so the temp here in the house fluctuates too much, I took the opp. today before the AC was turned on.
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Congrats on surviving your first bath! Hopefully you won't have to do it again but if you do there are some tips on my website. And they really do get used to it. One of the best tips I have is to bathe them in the kitchen sink (or a laundry sink/tub) and use one of those rubber maid mats in the bottom. It keeps them from slipping and skidding which is one of the scariest parts for them. If you want to read more tips, my web link is in my signature in any of my posts or it is www.purrfectpurrsians.net and you just click on the Grooming tips link.
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