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Food for Fez

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I have two adult cats and two kittens. I free feed them all Felidae. It is for all life stages, is this ok? Since I free feed if I were to feed just kitten food the two adult cats would eat it too. Also i have to leave food out at all times cause Fez is so skinny and he eats threwout the day. So should i keep them all on Felidae or put all of them on kitten food???Thanks!
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any way to give Fez some kitten canned ??? How old are your adults??? Are they at there proper weights?? If they are kitten food is likely to caloric for them.... Has Fez seen a vet lately???
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I give them all canned but they dont eat it when i put it down, they all go eat it at random times, and fez only eats a very small protion since he is smaller. The adult cats look to me like they are at proper weights. Fez saw a vet about 4 days ago for his URI, they gave me new meds to give him and he seems to be doing a lot better, he eats alot threwout the day now.
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try looking at this where does Fez fit??

I havent had a baby kitten under 6 months in well over 14 years ... but my Zoey is about 16 months and she is skinney too , I just keep feeding her..lol.. I just started mixing in some kitten food... But in my case my 17 in a week Kandie doesnt eat dry...
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I would say Fez is a 1 or 2, he is the skinniest kitten i have ever seen, when he walks you can see his hip bones, and when you pet him you can feel every bone in his body. He hardly weighs two pounds, and we have another kitten who is two weeks older then him and double the size.
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Has the vet tested Fez for thyroid issues?? how old is Fez??
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Fez is 11 weeks, or thats our best guess anyways. I got him from the pound about 14 days ago. When i got him he was extremely skinny, since he has been sick with a URI he hastn been eating enough, but now that he is getting better I see him eating a lot more.

What is a good kitten food?(wet) I think i might get some and hope he eats it over the other stuff, my only concern is the two adult cats, one is about a year old the other is about 14 months old.
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the adults are young enough that a little kitten shouldnt hurt just run your idea by the vet... as for good wet kitten read the labels and find what has little to no grain with no by products no digest and you should have a good one ... my Zoeylikes the nutro max cans( when she is in the mood)
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I dont know what to offer about the food situation...

just wanted to say i love the name Fez! Thats cute!
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Has Fez been tested for worms?? Poor guy! I would do as Sharky suggested...keep on with the Felidae Dry, but supplement with canned kitten food - which I would offer 3x a day, and pull after 20-30 minutes (it will spoil, and your kittens/cats will get the trots...I know this from long ago experience with leaving it out until my kittens finished with it...what a mess in the box!!)
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Ivory was very skinny and sickly when I got her at 10 weeks, she had to be wormed twice, and I supplemented her with kitten glop, she really caught up to her ideal weight on that stuff in no time, though she looked like a little football until her second worming.
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