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TANK Update

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Tank turned out to be a girl,so we renamed her Lucy
She has recovered from her cold and is a total terrorizer,she thinks she is full grown and play attacks the other older cats like size wasent an issue
shes a bit hyper compared to Zeppy who was alot more gentile and sweet
I am a little concerned about her attitude being a little over aggressive
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Her mix of colors, black and orange, is called tortiseshell, or tortie for short. Her bossy attitude is called tortitude. I have always heard that torties rule! I think the cats will work it out. If probs continue, post on the behavior board, you'll get lots of good advice there!
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Yeah...she's a tortie. She'll always have her opinion about things and expect it to be accepted. And discipline you when it isn't. And before long, you'll be revelling in the tyranny! But you also will probably find yourself fairly frequently saying, "Lucy! Be nice!" which will earn you the feline equivalent of

Having only been owned by one tortie (Cindy, below) I can't say if this is true of all torties, but you may also find yourself, once the kittencrazies start to wear off, with a real little luvbug. Enjoy her -- she'll give you lots of pleasure.
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