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need an opinion

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Hi there, like most of you know im new here,iv got a bit of a problem.
Im desperate to have another cat as i only have 1 and my bfs dad has a gorgeous tortie cat called freda.The only problem is,is that his dad is away all the time.He works all day and then sometimes he goes away for about 2 weeks at a time and leaves the cat alone.Now i think this is so unfair because shes really old,i go up and see her when hes away to feed her but i dont think that is enough.I would love to adopt her but i dont know if that would be fair because there are many cats out there who dont have a home and are stuck in shelters and need a home more then she does.

I really dont know what to do because freda isnt getting the attention she needs plus his dad isnt even a cat lover so he wouldnt miss her.What do you guys think i should do? any suggestions??
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Hi Janine, welcome to TCS!

Does your boyfriend's Dad not want Freda? If you are able to take her in, than I think you should. I know that there are a lot of kitties that need homes too, but as Freda is in need, I think you should choose her!

Are you able to keep two cats? Will Lily and Freda accept eachother? There are a lot of threads about introducing a new cat, so maybe you could have a look and it might help with your decision.

Good luck with making your decision and let us know how it goes!
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Thanx for the advice.Lily has met freda before they hissed a bit but that was all.My bfs dad just isnt interested and even he thinks that its cruel to leave her all the time.I am able to keep 2 cats plus im home all day every day so i dont think there would be a problem.I could give them both the attention they need.
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In that case, I think Freda would be a lot better off with you!

Can I just add though, that even though they have already met, propper introduction should be done! It is better in the long run!

Do you have any photos of Freda? I'd love to see her!

Good for you, by the way, for considering to give Freda a better home!
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Originally Posted by Sar
Good for you, by the way, for considering to give Freda a better home!

I would take her too. I know there are other kitties that needs home as well but freda sounds like she needs a home too. Someone to provide love and attention to her.
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Im sure iv got a pic of her somewhere il have to hunt one out! shes lovely orange white and black with a gorgeous coat,i read about the proper introductions and il defo have to try one out,also freda is over weight because his dad thinks its good for her to be plump which really annoys me because no cat should be over weight!
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Oh I hope you do find some pictures!

When will you be taking her in? I bet Freda will be so pleased to get the love she needs and attention too! I think she'll also enjoy Lily as a play mate - which will help her to loose some of her weight!

Please keep us up-to-date on the progress!
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I honestly would take her as well. The poor thing being left like that

Freda and Lily may hiss at first but i bet in the end they would be great company for each other
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i think this is to large although i did trim it alot.Im not very good at shrinking them...anyway there she is that was about 2 years ago shes in bed snoozing with
me lol
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She looks so sweet in this pic,shes the only reason i would go to my bfs house.I used to spend all day with her but now unfortunatly i cant because she lives far away becuase i got my own house and i cant drive so its difficult.I was supposed to get her yesterday but she wouldnt let us put her in the carrier lol i wanna try again 2night.Shes alone at the moment for nearly 3 weeks so i need to get her soon.
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Oh she's a love bug from the looks of it as well?!

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Awww! She is gorgeous!

She seems to like you a lot too! I really do think she will be a LOT happier with you!

Maybe you could leave the carrier in the house with her, so that she gets used to it! Also, put something in it that smells familiar to her - she'll feel a lot more at ease!

Oh I really do hope you get her today!
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Yeah thats a good idea.We used to sit for hours 2getha. i used to hate leaving her,she isnt the only cat in the house either there are 2 others called molly and gromit but they always attack freda and its awful but luckily molly and gromit are moving house so she doesnt have to worry about them anymore. But shes still gonna be alone which is upsetting,im gonna try and make arrangements to get her as soon as possible wish me luck!
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Lots of 'Good Luck' }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way! I'm sure that Freda will see that she's going to a place where she'll be loved and spoilt!

Let us know how it goes!
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i very much hope so thanx for the vibes!
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Thought you all would like to know iv made arrangements to get freda on sunday,im very excited because iv been waiting over a year to get her.I have to get my bfs mum to help me because she is really good with cats.Anyway il keep you updated at how she is settling in.
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Oh this is such exciting news! Freda is such a sweetie.
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