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Little Rant(Not about cats)

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Yeah I'm feelin a bit down right now cuz I'm just thinking about all the things I do for my friends and don't even get a mere "Thanks for being there for me Axl." or even a moment where they can listen and hear me out when I'm in need. Heck I've done a lot for these people and they are never EVER there for me. I make little things for them and they never give anything to me. Am I being selfish by thinking these things? I mean I love giving things to people. I love just out of the blue making a slideshow for JaneMary because I enjoy giving. It just makes me happy to give things to people. But does it make me selfish to sometimes want to receive? I'm sorry it just seems a little awkward that my friends have never said anything like "Hey Axl want to go to the movies on friday? My treat." or anything like that. I'm sorry for wasting your time I just needed to let out a little steam.
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I've been in a number of situations like that too It can really hurt, can't it!

I don't think it is selfish to want/need the odd thank you! You're brightening peoples' days and if they can't see that, then I say that they are the selfish ones!

You have a good heart, Axl, don't let them take that away from you! We appreciate you here - always remember that!

You will meet some friends that truly value your presents and surprises and they will show you in return!
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I don't think your selfish at all, and i always say to people to keep your friends because you never know when you might need them, which seems to be something some of your friends need to be reminded!!.

Real friends are there for each other no matter what!
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Don't worry about them, I know it can hurt when people don't appreciate you but that just means they are not good enough for you that is all. I see by reading your posts that you have a big heart and you are a good person. Just believe in yourself and as another member said, the right people will come along.

Hey we appreciate you.. You have great posts, You offer friendly things, like slideshows and so on. You share your heart and thoughts with us.

So here's a Big THANK YOU. Coming your way..
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Thanks guys that really made my day!
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I've been there and it wasn't pretty.

I have 3 extremely good friends and consider myself blessed. These are people who would do anything for me and I in turn would do anything for them.

Many years ago I had a "friend" and I would pay her way to things, pick her up and drive her places and she would sometimes show up with another friend (whom I did not know) and suggest I also pay for her friend. Once I
spent my last $5 four days before payday to buy her food, go to her place and cook it for her and then some guy called and wanted to party and she asked me to leave! I left - and I never went back. I didn't take any more phone calls from her (my roommate always said I wasn't home). It hurt for awhile but being used hurts more in the long run. She lost a great friend and I lost nothing.

I have often told our daughter that it's more important to have 1 good friend than a dozen "acquaintances". I told her that with the fast pace of our lives it is important to take the spare time we have and spend it with a loving family and friends who are real friends.

Spend your time doing for and being good to the people who appreciate who and what you are. The rest are not worth wasting time on or with. These other people will eventually realize they lost something pretty precious - you!
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I'm really glad to have "met" you. If we lived closer I would take you to the movies. My shout.
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