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I am such a mean meowmy... (ha ha ha)

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I just watched Aristotle shake his paw to get a piece of wide sticky tape off of it. He was shaking it so hard and fast I had to laugh!

I could only think that if he had a piece on the other foot he could start flapping and fly!

I'm sorry. But it was soooooo darn funny!
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What a visual image!! Thanks for sharing. (and yes, I fear I would have been just as mean and awful a meowmy, had it been me watching! )
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we laugh when our cats do that as well. piku in particular gets pretty nosy if we bring anything home from the store or packages from the post office. any stickers or tape seem to attract him all the more. he'll bat at them with his paws and sometimes they stick. he's even managed to get a nice ball of packing tape stuck to his back before. now THAT was funny!
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that's what happens when they get too close to a present-wrapping-mission!! Sprocket did it once and got sticky tape on both is front paws.... then in trying to shake it off, wandered backwards onto the slippy kitchen floor! I felt so mean because I laughed so hard!! It was like watching him ice-skating!
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know this all too well from when we moved, teufel got sticky tape stuck on his side more like on his leg and he was zooming around the appartment so fast and i felt so sorry for him but it was so funny at the same time too! he wouldnt even let us touch him to get it off!
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Oh cats are so silly!

At Christmas, Guinness got lots of glitter all over him everytime he tried to shake it off he would sparkle! hehe
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aaaaaww pretty kitty! I love glitter!
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I know that all too well! Tibby is so attracted to anything sticky! He has even had post-its on him from rolling around on my work!

I don't think anyone would be able to resist laughing!
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My son decided to be a smart @$$ one day and put tape on the backs of Ricky's back paws. He struggled to get him to the kitchen then let him go. I never seen anything that funny before in my life . Yes Bad meowmy for laughing but but I couldn't help it..
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It's so nice to know I'm not alone in the mean meowmy department!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
It's so nice to know I'm not alone in the mean meowmy department!
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When that happens with one of my kitties they'll be running and at the same time trying to shake it off of their paw!!
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Happens to my cat most of the time when I am wrapping presents and it never fails to crack me up!
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LOL! What a mental image.
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