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Kitty licks

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Is it normal for a cat to want to bath you?

My kitties, Chucky and Ricky do this all the time. I can be sitting down minding my own business and one of them will jump on me and start licking my face, my neck, my arms, or my hands.. What is up with that?

I am thinking it may be my sink cream "Palmer's Coco Butter" -
Today before I went to work I had a shower, put my cream on, did what every else I have to do then sit on the coach waiting for the time to leave and Ricky jumps on me and licks from my fingertips to the shoulder of my arm.. Chucky sits there like hey MOVE OVER! Ricky does this for about 5 minutes then when he is done Chucky starts

I keep telling them I am not there supper!!!! Is this normal?
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i'm not sure whether it's "normal" or not, but piku does this as well. all the time. he especially likes to lick my husband's face when he gets home from work at the end of the day and needs a shower, or if he's just been to the gym, or just hasn't shaved yet. i'll get licks too sometimes, but mainly it's my husband. in fact, he's not the least bit shy about licking people he's just met either. maybe they do smell something they like, or else it's just another way for them to show their affection?
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Hmm, thats interesting about your kitty licking your hubby after work or gym that might be the salt on his skin from sweating.. I am not sure. But I have heard of that before. But it just seems they are attracted to my skin cream but not all of them just them two and they are the two most affectionate cats as well.

Its good to hear other kittes do this too hahaha. They just love us so much don't they
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I don't know what might be happening with you and your skin cream, but in general...

People call them "sandpaper kisses" and it is supposed to be a sign of affection. Nano will sometimes sit down near my feet or next to me on the couch, and start vigorously grooming herself while she enjoys my passive company. Intermittently she will reach out and "groom" my legs or my arm/elbow, then go back to licking herself as she gives herself a systematic head-to-toe bath.
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Originally Posted by Nano
Intermittently she will reach out and "groom" my legs or my arm/elbow, then go back to licking herself as she gives herself a systematic head-to-toe bath.
My girl does that too, maybe it's a subtle hint that we should be doing the same?
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Sounds like you're getting more licking than most, but I wouldn't discourage it...it means your cat likes you!!
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Originally Posted by Ginger's Mum
My girl does that too, maybe it's a subtle hint that we should be doing the same?
I do it back to them, i don't lick them but I rub my face along their fur like their moms would if she is licking them, I make little noices too and purr back at them. They love it . Maybe thats why they are doing it back???

I wonder because Ricky when I come home will run to me to say hello, He will reach up with his paw so I bend over to reach him and he always touches my face. If I get on my knees he will rub his face all over mine and continue trying to touch my face with his paws. Chucky just wants to be held as soon as he sees me so I take time to sit with him, he leans back and reaches up with his paws over his head and hold my chin while I rub his belly.. Buddy needs to do the facial butt, ( takes his face and head butts me with it) hehehe.. My males are very affectionate.. Lacie bites my chin and licks my face.

OK I am blabbering now.. I just love them so much..

That is so interesting.. Thanks.. I think I get it now..
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I have 2 little kittens that are littermates, they are always licking each other and showing how much they love each other, I love it when they lick me and show me the affection they show to each other.
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most of the time the cats couldn't care less, but if Willow's sleeping and I stick my finger in front of her face, she'll start licking the knuckle and will just keep licking, getting all the salt (sweat salt? ew!). Then she'll eventually "come to" and will look disgusted. "Ew, I showed emotion!" and then will start grooming herself as if that's what she'd been doing all along.
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My Siamese will lick me often - epscially after I have been away or in the morning when we get up. It is like she thinks I need a bath too, lol Seriously, I think she thinks I am another kitty and since I groom her, she also grooms me - or feels she should. I always thank her for her licks (even idf they are a little rough around the edges, lol). She also has this endeariung way in which she places her paw on my face.
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My Nanas DSH Diamond licks her like that. None of our other kitties do though.
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My new cat Callie just gave me a tentative lick on the nose last nite. yay! She was extra cuddly and slept in the same spot with me alll nite, and then as soon as i stirred awake, she immediately almost fell over herself trying to get right close to my face, and then licked my nose again.
yay for licking!
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Sammy likes to lick my arm while I'm trying to go to sleep.

My kitty Heebs, who recently passed on, had this trade-off we'd do. She'd lick my hand and in return I'd give her a good head rub. We'd go back and forth doing this for the longest time.

I don't much care why they lick, I just love when they do.
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