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'pimples' on kitty belly

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Hi all, rescued a 3wk old kitty this morning. He's really emaciated. Poor thing. We've tried giving him KMR which he doesn't drink that much. Anyway, when I came home from errand, I gave him a warm bath, to remove the gunk on his frail body. He was tolerant about it. What a brave boy!

Anyway, when I dried him up, I saw "pimple" looking bumps on his belly. I then washed it with hydrogen peroxide, in which one popped out. It really looks like pimples to me. Then I poured betadine on the area. He's now asleep, maybe too tired from crying & taking a bath.

I tried feeding him a while ago, but he won't take the bottle. He would chew on the nipple, and if I squirt milk on him he won't drink them at all. He has teeth & everything... should I try giving him solids?

I hope he makes it. He looks like a sweet baby boy.
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Are you sure they are pimples and not nipples? Males have small nipples.

You can try feeding him canned food, watered down to make it soupy.

I really don't know about putting hydrogen peroxide on a cat i wouldn't have thought it would be okay. I'm sure someone more experience can say though.
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No it's not nipples, they look too big to be nipples and placed in weird areas (belly middle) with dark heads.
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Sounds like nipples to me. Don't go popping them- my bet is they are nipples and the dark spots are actually pretty common for malnourished kitties.
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No I didn't pop one, but when I put hydrogen peroxide, it popped on its own. I won't poke around its belly. I'll keep an eye on him. He's really dehydrated.
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Did you take him to the vet yet? or are you planning on it?
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Yes but not now. I'll have to observe and see before I get him to the vets. But definitely will.
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Quick update: the kitty is fast asleep, fed him canned food 4-5 hours ago (no wonder he didn't take the bottle) and he devoured it. Looks like he's full of wormies. Clean ears, no signs of fleas but good thing my gang had their Revolution this month. Will get him dewormed probably tomorrow if he's feeling a lot better - he can barely walk on his own, I guess to weak to. Will feed him again as soon as I get off the computer.
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Please don't worm this baby on your own. If he is ill from other issues besides worms, and you don't have the proper dosage from a VET you could do him irreparable harm. I know you mean well, but please take him in to the vet, he needs fluids to be administered under his skin- his flea problem needs to be safely addressed. You can only do so much without putting him in harms way.
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