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Smoking and Cats

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I read this article in Cat Fancy about smoking around your cats can casue them to have cancer, which makes sense.

Just wondering what everything thinks about smoking around your cats/pets?

I don't smoke tabacco, but other stuff sometimes and it is around my cat. But how much smoking around your cat is bad? Or should you do it at all??
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I decided long before I even got cats that smoking in my house would not be allowed. I did smoke in my house when I had friends over who also smoked. They were here for a week, and the apartment reeked for about 2 months. So, no one smokes in my house, not even me. The cats just give me another reason not to smoke in my house. I figure that I can choose to put bad-for-me stuff into my body, but it isn't fair to force it on them when they can't get away from it.
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I am a smoker so isn't my hubby. I worry about it and tend to smoke more away from them then around them but it is still in the air. Second hand smoke is bad I know that yes and even though I know this it is still hard for me to quit. I feel like a bad mom sometimes around my kitties or even if my own son sees me smoke.
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I smoke cigarettes.
Franz prefers a pipe, with his black paisley smoking jacket.
and Maddie chews tabacco.
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I don't smoke but my mother does around the animals..
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I would never smoke in the house and no one else is allowed to either. Only outside when I do smoke, which isn't often anyway.
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I smoke, outside only, I don't smoke in close proximity to animals or kids, and I would hope the adults have sense enough to move away from me
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I dont smoke at all!! Too icky IMO.
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I don't smoke, but my mom does. She smokes in the garage or outside- never around her dog. She and my stepdad realized that they didn't get out of their last house what they could have because of the smell and damage caused by smoking. They decided they would both take it outside instead. That seems like the only solution to me, that or quitting all together of course!
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My parents both smoked inside when i was growing up... our GSD died of cancer(dont know if it was related) but soon after they started smoking in the garage anyway.

My husband smokes, and whenever friends come over they all have to go to the back patio. i will never allow cigarettes in the house or even in the car... i dont want the cats around it at all... if second-hand smoke is so bad for humans, i can only imagine what it does to animals.
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No smoking in our house. If anyone wants to smoke they can go outside.
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Nobody in my family smokes anymore so we don't have to deal with it, but I can see how it would be bad for them. It's gross anyways.
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I don't smoke, and if anyone that comes to my house smokes, i put Rosie and Sophie up in their room out the way, then once they've left i spray the house with Neutradol which gets rid of the smell
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There is no smoking around my cats whatsoever! If anyone comes to my apt. and wishes to smoke (whatever they want to smoke!), they can go out on my screened-in porch. Same will go when I have children!
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I used to think, being a non-smoker in a family of smokers, that allowing smoking in my home was simply an aspect of hospitality. Then we learned about secondhand smoke.

Fortunately, my smoking family mostly doesn't anymore, and those who do still are completely sensitive to others' health: they don't expect to smoke indoors -- they simply ask for an ashtray so they don't mess up the porch or the lawn. Very few of our friends smoke, and they behave exactly the same way. I won't now allow smoking in the house, but it's very nice that I don't have to make an issue of it.

And, I agree: if it's dangerous to humans, I can't imagine it not being dangerous to critters.
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No smoking in my house, or even around my house, period. I smoked from age 13 to 19 and thank the lord I quit.

I understand everyone has their own little addictions (I have mine... I drink a lot cuz I'm Irish) but when it comes to my house? Non Smoking!!!

Especially around my kid & cats. I dated a smoker a few months ago, he kept on lighting up around my child and smelled bad all the time... soooo... I dumped him.
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I wish that everyone who smokes could have seen the inside of the house we just moved into before we fixed it up. The walls of the house literally oozed with nicotene. There were drips of nicotene and tar dripping down the walls and dark stains on the ceiling over the bed and where the furniture was. The smell was so strong that the realtors had three HUGE air purifiers running to try to make it better. Despite that my chest would hurt after only 2 or 3 minutes inside. Not surprisingly, the reason the house was empty was because the couple who lived there died of cancer.

It took several months of scrubbing the walls, ceilings, cabinets, and everything else with bleach and chemical cleaners. We repainted and had to rip out the carpet and clean the air ducts. Even now, we will have to re-paint the dining room because nicotene is still oozing out of one wall in that room.

To think of that nastiness in my or my cat's lungs horrifies me. (We've had the air tested and it is okay now....but it took us 4 months before we moved in to get it that way.)
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Like many others, I have a no smoking in the apartment rule. However when I take the boys to visit my parents they are around smoke. My Dad smokes so that's just the way it is. I debate about not taking them with me but they spend most of their time upstairs with my Mother and I and my parent's cat Bubbles and my Dad spends most of his time downstairs.
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I'm glad that people are becoming more aware about the effects their actions have on their pets! I wonder how equally offensive heavy perfumes are to cats... As an asthmatic, smoke & perfumes wreck havoc on me & I can only pity the cats, dogs & children who also exposed to such environmental irritants.
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I have never smoked and all visitors have to go outside to smoke - considered very eccentric in a country where over 80% of the population smoke!
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
I smoke cigarettes.
Franz prefers a pipe, with his black paisley smoking jacket.
and Maddie chews tabacco.
Ah, yes..
Tucker, being a Southern gentleman, prefers a fine Cuban cigar. Mini likes Misty Menthol Lights, & Skyler is known to ocasionally enjoy some fine Sensimillia at the end of a rough day..
Mom smokes like an outboard motor & has been a bad influence!
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My husband and I both smoke... I hate smoking around the cats... and even worse, our TEN birds. But he refuses to stop smoking indoors. "It's his house" is the motto, I suppose.

When I point out that nicotine is causing weird DRIP MARKS on the guest tub (because we never use it), he says I'm paranoid and it's just household dirt. He says I'm paranoid about the nicotine buildup... I know I'm not, it's real, you can see it.

Okay, I admit it... since he smokes indoors, I go ahead and do it, too, figuring the air is already poluted, so why not. Two wrongs do not make a right! I know that just because he's doing it, that's no reason I should do it, too... and I wish to heaven that we can both just quit one day but the will isn't there... so any suggestions would be helpful!!
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If you can't make him smoke outside, get a good air purifier and put in in one area (pet free) for you both to smoke in.

The smoke is bad for everyone, but it's 20 times worse for the birds.
Smoking was allowed in my last house, but not around the birds, myself, and guests alike prefered the porch in nice weather, and we stayed in the basement to smoke in bad weather.

Really, it is super bad for birds, they are so delicate when it comes to their respiratory systems.
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Smoking is truely horrible for birds. You are killing them- plain and simple. There is no beating around the bush with that. Cigarettes are a serious addiction, and like any addict your husband isn't willing to see the harm he is doing to the value of your property and to the lives of the animals who live in your house. Air purifiers help, but they are not good enough. I have 25 years of asthma to prove that! The wall behind the very expensive and highly effective purifier that we had was completely black with tar. The damage to my parent's last house was so extensive that they didn't get nearly the amount of money that house was worth- and they only smoked in the kitchen! I don't know how to get your husband to stop, but a good start would be for you to lead by example and only smoke outside. My parent's didn't realize how bad smoking indoors was until it hit them in the pocketbook. It may take selling the house or a few dead birds to get the seriousness of the issue to hit home with him. Be persistant and lead by example.
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