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Do u or ur cat rule?

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I have been trying to do homework for the last hour with little success then I got on TCS and still am not making much progress..

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY????????? DARNED SPIKEY KEEPS RUBBING HIS BODY AND FACE ONTO MY FACE so I can't see the monitor, see what I'm typing OR BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any of my friends were here, they'd tell me to push Spikey off and show him who is the boss but I wouldn't do that to him or any other cats!!

I've given up on doing homework tonite and will not stay long on TCS either. After I get off, I will go on a "petting/playing" binge with my furbabies so they'll be satisfied that they rule..

This got me wondering- what do u guys do when ur furbabies wants your attention NOW- do u let them get what they want or do u firmly tell them to wait patiently until u've done whatever u need to do?

Let me know. I'm curious to see how many suckers besides me let their furbabies tell them what to do....

will check back for ur replies tmr morning at work before I start working!
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My Basia (1st picture) will crawl around my neck and shoulders while I'm on the computer, and finally settle down to sleep on my chest if I push the recliner back. Dubya (2nd picture) likes to hop up on the computer desk and stand in front of the screen. Although if I'm on the laptop like now, he'll come up behind it and start rubbing the screen and rocking the whole thing up and down. Jewel and Tiger, the other two, don't really bother me when I'm on the computers.
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Trent has cross-stitch radar. Swear to god. As soon as I pick up my stitching, he wants snuggles. And not just any ol' snuggles...the hold-me-like-a-baby-and-rub-my-tummy-while-I-sleep snuggles. Of course I can't say no! I adore that time with him, and if he wants to snuggle for an hour, we snuggle for an hour. Hmmm, maybe THAT'S why my cross stitching projects go so slow!
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In general, around here if a cat wants some loving, they get it. But Festus LOVES to jump up on me if I am doing paperwork brought home from the office. I have learned that she doesn't like me to kiss her face. So after a little loving, I hug her close and kiss her face about 4-5 times, then she gets up and leaves. I get to kiss her, and get my work done! LOL!
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The Sammycat and Oscar both know when I have anything in my hands to read...I swear it's like they can see through walls or something and just know it. The both will jump up on me and do the head bonk thingy all in my face. Then they will lay down on what ever I was reading doesn't matter if it's a sales receipt or a magazine they will plop there big booty right on top Gotta love em though
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