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Can someone tell me this breed?

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Can someone tell me what kind of cat that is...not the adult one...the kitten laying next to it. In the link below.
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ragdoll maybe? anyone else?
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because that kitten looks exactly like my kitten and I was told my kitten was a persian but i don't think he is
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The adult is a bicolor ragdoll, and the kitten is a mitted colorpoint ragdoll.
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Thats exactly the kind of kitten I hve, but the store said that he's a persian. What do I do if my parents believe he's a persian? I KNEW IT ALL ALONG HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A PERSIAN!!
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Let your parents believe whatever they want to believe
Unless of course he's pedigreed, and you're concerned you might have gotten the wrong paperwork.
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I think the kitten is a Birman, look at his feet. A Persian has a flatter face and more of a squashed nose. Birmans are cute though. why dont you post a picture of your cat.
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Thats the case...we have paperwork that says he's persian! I would post pics but i'm afraid my cameras having issues.
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He may be a colorpoint Persian AKA a Himalayan
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Definitely the wrong paperwork there is no way a cat that looks like that is a Persina. Call your breeder now.
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Did you say this kitten came from a petstore?
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It wasn't breeder it was a store.
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No, no, no --- no reason to panic! If he has any white on his paws then yes, he would be a Birman most likely. Otherwise he would be a colorpoint Persian. What color do your papers say he is? At one point the Himalayan was considered a separate breed (due to the introduction of Siamese blood to create the pointed colors) but within the last decade or so the registries have been combined as any Siamese blood is so far back I doubt it even would show up on any pedigrees.
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Mitted colorpoint Ragdolls also have white 'boots' on their toes.
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The papers say he's Blue point Himalayan Exotic Persian
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From the description you gave of him, I'd say you have the right papers
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What colour are his feet? does he have white markings on his back feet? What shape are his eyes?
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I was worried because I showed a picture to a friend and he thought it was ragdoll, he has 2 of them. I'm relieved!
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OK the kitten in the picture is most definitly a Ragdoll.
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