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I once had a cat named Niblets.

It is a kind of corn!
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Lily's official name is Lili'a nani - which means Beautiful Lily. She is Lily in everyday life.
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i know a Zooey Zoo Nuts
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I think Moss is quite an original name... we didn't name him, it's the name he came with
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I used to think Frodo and Samwise were unique, but there are quite a few Lord of the Rings fans out there. Though it always gives vets pause to see a "Samwise" on their table. One of my best friends had a cat named Nugget. I love that! I also saw a cat for adoption that was named Frack. That's TOTALLY going to be the name of my next kitty, when I get one. (Or when the boys will tolerate another friend )
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I thought I had some unusual names, but I don't think I can top what is posted! I have a Bengal named Keelie and a Chausie named Ceyera, pluse lots of others that just have normal names. I always name my "kids" people names.
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
Is it pronounced like You-lah ??? Thats how I'm saying it to myself. I think it's a cute name however it's pronounced though!
I pronounce it Uh-lah. That's how people normally say it though. I love it when the vets call and leave reminders about her shots, they never get it right and you can tell their guessing how to say it.
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Umm not sure if my four leggs are unusaul but the fish are... I think it is because a fish without a name for a week is okay but not so with a cat or dog

Growing up :
Joey the german shepard
Peggy pepper the mutt
Simon leroy the snowhoe( i named him after a memeber of the chipmunks)
Nikko the siamese
Luie the turtle ( I named)
Patsy leah the dalmation/ springer mix ( I named)

Gidget (only one I didnt name)
Zoey the lovely ever growing kitty
Kandie Apple Kane ( yup that is her name after a middle name argguement she got two ... her nik name is KK (cat)

Trafalger the first fish he is a betta
Kaden another male betta his name means white warrior he he he is kinda white
Melody female betta she has a platnium sheen but is red/pink
Birtha a white cloud
Clara a white cloud
Delilha a white cloud
Annebel preacox rainbow
Glitter P rainbow
Mondo P rainbow
Metal pitbull pleco
MaMa( was named spot till she dropped eggs, I thought she was male) pygmaous cory
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