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Hi! I live in northeast PA with my two indoor cats, Emmitt and Sheba. I'm also caring for four ferals--Buster, Casper (he's white), Momma (had a litter of four), and Toby. I've T/S/R'd three of the four and hope to catch the last one next week. I wish I'd hit the lottery, because I'd buy a huge amount of land and just take in all the unwanted animals in the area. I've really been enjoying these boards and the knowledge you all so willingly share. God Bless!!
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Hello and welcome!!!
Thanks so much for doing what you can for the ferals!!

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Welcome to TCS...thank you for TNRing this feral colony.

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Welcome, golffox! You're doing great work for those strays, may God bless you for caring for his creatures.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS! Sounds like you are doing a great job with the ferals!
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Hi Welcome to TCS..
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Welcome Golffox!

I agree. If my husband, DaddyCat and I had a huge chunk of land somewhere, we'd build a monsterous house and have tons of kitties and dogs. We just love animals and they give us such unconditional love. I know I speak for my husband when I say we cannot imagine our life without our four kitties. They are so sweet and give us lots and lots of enjoyment. Just cuddling with them is such a joy!

If you look under DaddyCat's signature, those are our four cats. I am going to post different pictures under my signature soon.

I hope to be hearing cool kitty stories from you soon!! I bet God is so very happy with all animal loves so he don't have to do it all by himself
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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Welcome I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Welcome to TCS!
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