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The protesters have gone too far

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I can not imagine being the family of the soldiers that died and seeing this at the funeral.
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I wonder if these are the same idiots who "protested" Matthew Shepard's funeral. Protesters like this absolutely make me ill. Protest what you like, and say what you like...but a funeral - ANY funeral - is NOT the time nor the place. There are families and friends grieving, and they shouldn't have to put up with this idiots saying their loved on is going to hell.
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Exactly! They have been protesting at a lot of the graduation ceremonies aroudn here. I thought that was a bit ridiculous, but NOTHING compared to this! How would they like it if someone was at a fuenral of one of their loved ones protesting???
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They showed up at the funeral of a young soldier not too far away from where I live. I agree with free speech, but this is just sick and cruel.

One of the protesters is quoted as saying, "Thank God for the mortar. Thank God for the shell that came from the gun. Thank God for the fact that it killed the fruit of America to punish it for its sins.''

I simply cannot understand how this kind of thinking can come from a person who claims to be Christian.
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The nut-job's daughter even said that her father "hasn't been sent to save, he's been sent to condemn." These people just amaze me. What do you say to that kind of evil?
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My heart grieves for those poor families that have to endure this group's SENSELESS hate.
All I can say is that there is probably a special place in hell reserved for these horrible, hateful protesters. The represent the worst in mankind and certainly are doing nothing to help the reputation of Baptists.
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There is a special place in hell for these people, and it is NOT the soldiers
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I have great respect for the father of the soldier who said it is what my son fought for (free speech), I will pray for this man. It takes a big person to do that.
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That just makes me sick to my stomach. I see people protesting outside the gate here but I can easily ignore that.... to show up at someones funeral is just beyond disgusting. The poor families.
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