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Mrs. Virginia A. Cannon

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I'm looking for a Siamese breeder/owner, her name is Mrs. Virginia A. Cannon.
The breeding house name is Cannoncat's.
I'm not sureƂ:censor:but i think she is from the USA.
Please help me find her.

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I tried researching yahoo and couldn't find anything even remotely similar to what you are looking for. You might want to try TICA, AACE, CFF or CFA associations to see if they can help you.

Sorry I couldn't be of further assistance.
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Just in case she was Canadian I tried Canoe.ca. I couldn't find a hit.
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I just check my private sites and can't find her or the cattery name. I also know that she is not registered with AACE. If you PM me privately with your question or concern, maybe I can be of assistance.

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Well, I gave it a shot, and I couldn't find a listing for either Miz Cannon or Cannoncats.


Cannoncats showed up in the pedigrees kept by several breeders, though very far back, so perhaps she has closed down her breeding program? Or perhaps she can't be reached online?

Here are the pages where I found Cannoncats listed. Maybe if you contact those catteries the breeder can give you better contact information for Miz Cannon.

~ In a pedigree, the listing "GC Cannoncats Jazz Man, Seal Pt Siamese, CFA 0272-302281 V0787"

~ In a memorial with a photo "GC Cannoncats Abelard of Geishagoll, 1982-83 CFA Best Seal point Siamese, MW Region second Best Siamese, One of our foundation males and sire of GC, RW Geishagoll Takara"

~ In the pedigrees, Cannoncats are listed in the great grandparents column for several of the cats
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Hi Amir!

No help from me I'm afraid, just wanted to say hi and welcome. Great to see you here at last!

Anat from Shoonra
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Thank you for your reccomend on this nice forum!
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