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well, took festra to the vets today. he thinks she's had the cat flu virus for a while and it flared up due to moving to a new home. as she seems to be feeling better, he has not suggested doing any swabs. He's given me new eye drops as they are getting better but are not quite there yet.
He looked in her mouth and found a massive tartar build up which he can clean up but doesn't want to do that until she's clear of the virus. she was vastly sick last night - the food looked completely undigested - and has been looking sorry for herself since last night. A brief interest in going outside but it was snowing so she didn't maintain her enthusiasm for long! he gave us some tablets to reduce the inflammation in her mouth and act as a painkiller. she is having such difficulty eating, it's horrible to watch her try to eat something but can't when she's miaowing with hunger. she's going back in 2 weeks when if she's over her problems, he can finally give her the jabs and then we can think about sorting out her teeth.
the worst thing is that since we got her we've had eye and mouth drops to give her every day which gets increasingly difficult - especially the tablets as she doesn't like opening her mouth. i cannot wait to see the end of all her problems Thanks so much for the advice you've given so far.
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Poor little Festra! I hope she gets better soon!

I don't want people confused with two threads about the same subject, so I'll close this one and post a link in the other thread:

Please make sure to post all future info about Festra and/or about the Herpes virus in the other thread.

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