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From Beach to No Beach...

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Greetings all..This appears to be talk about what you want forum, so that's what I plan to do.

I need advice.

Right now where I live, I'm surrounded by beach on all 4 sides (I can drive 5 miles to the nearest one). I love the beach and will never pass up a chance to go.

In the fall I'm moving to Texas, faarrrrr from the nearest beach.

Is there anything I can do to bring the beach to me since I will no longer have that luxery? Right now I'm thinking of turning my one bathroom into a "Seashore" style room...What about my backyard?

Any ideas will be appreciated
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I'm in love with the beach, too and have decorate rooms with shells, corals, etc before. I only have one room like that right now and it's more nautical with boats and lighthouse photos, maps, etc.

I like to save at least one spot in my yard for tropical or tropical looking plants which I would think would do well in Texas because it's so far south. Tropical plants always remind me of the ocean
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Wow, quite a move coming up for you!

I have a beach themed room. Being landlocked (northern KY), the first time I saw the ocean, I was 29 yrs old. Then I went to Mexico; lo & behold! BEAUTIFUL!

You can decorate a certain room in a beach theme; your bathroom, kitchen, or I'd suggest, a bedroom.

You can create a canopy bed (using mosquito bedding which is very tropical) out of sheers.

Use bamboo in place of curtain rods; just use teacup hooks stuck into the wall to hold up the lightweight bamboo, and use airy, white tab-top sheers on the bamboo.

Use starfish, silver dollars, conch shells (which you can fill with wax & a wick and make candles out of!) as decorations. You can also take several pictures of beaches ... beautiful sunset shots, blue-sky shots... and make shadow boxes of them. Fill in the bottom of the shadow box with sand brought from your beach, and little shells.

Another way to theme the room; paint the walls that lovely color of seafoam green. Paint the ceiling a complimenting sky-blue color. If you can choose the type of flooring for the room.. choose a "sandy" color or get sand colored rugs.

Get some colorful, tropical silk flowers from a local craft store, and stick them into a glass vase, then dump some shells & sea glass (also found at craft stores) into the vase surrounding the stems.

A friend of mine made a "ocean night" theme in his bedroom... he painted the ceiling black and used glow in the dark stars, white sheets & shells everywhere, and put in a blacklight to make the shells / sheets "glow" like the ocean at night.

Also you can buy those sound machines or CD's that have the ocean noise. You can lay there in your tropical bedroom & listen to the ocean.

hope that helps!
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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I love them all. I doubt my Fiance will let me redecorate the bedroom, as he has his own ideas for it...lol.

I plan to do the bathroom since the colors are already on the beachy side and he has a basket of shells on the toilet.
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Beach bathroom, here you come!

Portraits of beach scenes can be integrated into any style room if you pick the right ones.

I don't know what I"m talking about though, I lived in Tennessee up until I moved to Florida three years ago.
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