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Krazy Kitty

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Help!! Moses is driving me crazy at night! I'm in a dead sleep and CHOMP!! He bites me. Hard! I don't know what to do. I've read that negative reinforcement with cats doesn't work. What do you do about this? I pick him up and say no, then put him on the floor and he jumps right back up. Then he nurses on me - that gets irritating too after awhile.. litterally, it hurts. (he's 3 months old). I'm pretty sure he's just playing when he bites- not being mean.

I'm much better training dogs than cats and I know it's a whole different thing with cats. Would an excersize session before bed help wear him out? (chase the string or something like that) It seems like it just gets him more hyped up. Also, if there are some good "cat behavior" type books someone could recommend, that would be great. Thanks!
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I can help with the books

"Think Like a Cat" by Pam Johnson-Bennett
"Cat vs. Cat" (same author)
"Outwitting Cats" by Wendy Christensen
"Communicating with Your Cat" by J. Anne Helgren

Playtime before bedtime is good.

For now, you might want to just trying closing the bedroom door.
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Sorry, I have no advise, but my Emmitt used to suck on my earlobe in bed at night when he was a kitten. He's eight now and still does it once in a while....but now it HURTS!
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