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Itsy Bitsy Kittens!

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Well they're not itsy bitsy anymore... but their names are. I'm new here and my kittens are Itsy and Bitsy. I came to this forum to get help with the latter. I've had my two girls for almost 3 years now and they're pretty much my world. I got them both, on the same day, from a no-kill shelter. Itsy chose me, and my brother and sister-in-law chose Bitsy. I couldn't have asked for two better kittens! They're both extremely affectionate. They love to play, but other than that are complete opposites. Itsy is little Miss Personality. She loves a crowd and she must be in the center of it. Bitsy will be the one hiding in the closet when more than 3 people are in the apartment (she used to only be able to handle 2 so it's an improvement!). Itsy is the picture of health and Bitsy has had many problems for a couple years now. Itsy's favorite toy is a shoe lace. She carries it around with her and drops it at your feet, then looks at you and gives a pitiful little meow. At night, when nobody is playing with her (because we're sleeping) she cries until she can find us and then she'll come sleep with us. Many mornings we'll find her there with her shoelace. Bitsy's favorite toy is a milk ring. They practically carpet our apartment. She's much better at entertaining herself, but is extremely talkative when she wants her food. She will only sleep in our bed if one of us is missing... I guess she's afraid she'll accidentally get kicked in our sleep.

Here's a picture of them both. Itsy is the black one and Bitsy is the other one!

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Itsy and Bitsy! Thoes are ADORABLE names! And they are adorable fur babies too! Hope you like it here at TCS!
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Welcome to the site! Itsy and Bitsy are just as cute as their names!
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They are adorable!!!
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Welcome to you and Itsy and Bitsy! They are cute babies!
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Welcome to TCS. Awww they're cute babies!
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I just love their names. Beautiful girls. welcome to the site
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Thanks everyone! When I said I wanted to name them Itsy and Bitsy people said I shouldn't because they'd never be able to tell their names apart. Amazingly enough, they can. People have more trouble. I always have to say "Bitsy... with a B" or "Itsy... with an I."
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!!
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Welcome to TCS! Your babies are beautiful!
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Welcome to the CatSite, daniR! Like everyone says, those are a couple of beautiful cats you have (or who have you, being cats and all!)
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome!!!
Your kitties are beautiful!!

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Beautiful cats!!
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beautiful furrys Welcome I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Hi and Welcome to TCS. I love Itsy and Bitsys names and they are so cute too
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Hi DaniR. Oh my gosh, your Itsy and Bitsy sound like my Jewel and Tiger. Jewel has a toy that is a pole with a string and a feather at the end with a little bell that rings. She drags it over to me every night and drops it and usually falls asleep there. In the morning she cries until I play with her. I was at the computer the other day and she came up to me running in circles and crying...I had to get up and follow her and she led me right to her toy. Can you believe that??

Tiger is our shy girl. She loves us but noone else. If even someone rings the doorbell, she is under the bed. Oh well. She will never be elected Ms. Sociable that's for sure. She is a sweetheart with us though.

Our other two kitties, Basia and Dubya love people. They adore company. Basia will go right up to people and smell their eyes and nose and hair. It's so sweet. She just wants to get to know them. Dubya is our 16 pounder and acts like a dog. He just waddles over to them and usually they just pet his head. He's such an adorable guy!! My husband, DaddyCat, has pictures posted under his signature if you want to see them. Dubya is the orange and white tabby....there pictures are in the order that we got them...Basia, Dubya, Jewel and Tiger.

I hope to hear more stories from you and as I think of more, I'll write also.
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Hahah those are the cutest names EVER!

Love the picture, they look adorable!
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