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Check out this Maze!!!!!

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Do you like mazes?
I am proud to say that I went all the way to the Finish - FIRST TRY!
Then I died from shock. I was so surprised!!!!
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My brother sent that one to me through email. He kept making me try to finish
and I just couldn't get through the skinny lines. He came over to try to help, I should have known something was up then. When your brother is willing to help you should know right away somethings up. I finally made it to the end after about a half hour of trying.
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OK THANKS... I now have a mess to clean up ( in my pants )

I can't wait to pass this around..
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I've seen that one a couple of times but I still do like it.... Quite humorous!!!
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That was pretty neato. I was not expecting the end!!
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lol! I had the stereo turned up loud, so that scared the crap out of me
I'm sending that link to my buddy list right now!
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Well it took me forever to figure out that the tiny little blue dot is what i was trying to navigate (no wonder my pointer disappeared)

I should have known... i will have to send that to some people, i hadn't seen that one yet!
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Hotdamn I just scared the living wits out of myself!!! Never do that while your speakers are on full blast! Now I have a bruise where I landed on the floor and I'm still waiting for my heart to stop thudding good way to wake up in the morning though
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OMG that scared the c**p out of me!
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my god! im sure i nearly had a heart attack!!!! i was not expecting that at all.great fun
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Yeah, nothing happens for me - I'm on dialup so that probably has something to do with it. I've tried it before.
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Ha very funny
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LOL, got me Cheryl!!
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HA! Nice try, but I already posted this one! I'm not falling for it!
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