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Watching Tv?

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Does anyone here have a cat(s) that watch TV with/without you?

My cat max watches Tv with me sometimes. It first started a couple of weeks ago when I rented the movie "white noise" and ever since then he likes to sit on the floor (way too close to the tv) and look up at the TV. He even moves his head back and forth to follow the character. He actually sat there for almost 2 hours straight. We even called his name and he didn't react like he usually does!

I think it's adorable. I think he is just attracted to the lights, sounds and moving things. I don't think he understands what he is actually watching.

I just wondered if anyone else has a cat that does this?

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Mine watch t.v. too!! I have the cat sitter dvd and when I'm gone at night (our usual together time) I leave it on continuous play. They LOVE it!! Sometimes I put it on when I'm at home for entertainment. They'll run from wherever they are to come watch it. It's hysterical!
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My two boys watching cats on TV:

Actually, I was watching some video I had taped with my camcorder, so they were watching themselves.
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Tim...the picture of your cats watching themselves on TV is so cute.
Post a copy in the Fur Pix only forum. I think other members would enjoy it too.
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OK!! Thnx for the suggestion.
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Our Simba loved watching TV - especially animal shows. He loved Crocodile Hunter. One night there was a show on about cougars and the picture on the TV was showing the cougar's body from the neck down and the muscles. The head part was not showing and Simba was going crazy running beside and behind the TV looking for the cougar's head.

He would climb up on the bookcase beside the TV so he could reach out and paw at the TV if there was something he wanted to get at on the screen.
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I've never had a cat that noticed the TV, but my cat now does.

She will only watch animal shows and Iron Chef is the only people show she'll watch.
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That is sooo funny. Your cats are watching themselves on tv!

My cats don't really sit and watch...they will glance if there is a strange noise coming from the tv. I would like to leave it on during the day...Animal Planet of course, but my husband thinks I'm crazy.
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Iron Chef!! That's pretty funny!! It must be all the really, really fresh seafood!!
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My cats always come sit with me while I'm playing video games. I think they like it because there is a lot of movement. My parent's cat loves "Dogs with Jobs" Don't ask me why. (It's on the National Geographic Channel)
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My two watch the t.v. normally on my lap.

Heres Sophie watching an animated kitty on the computer screen!

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our cats love watching football on TV. they're captivated by the players running across the screen and will actually swat at them!

once, one of our cats was totally taken in by this cheesy movie on Lifetime. I think he sat there, about three feet in front of the TV, and watched the whole thing. it was too cute.
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Mine never used to watch TV, but a few months ago I bought them a cat DVD, and they took to that right away. Since then, they've also paid much more attention to regular TV, as well - Phineas especially has taken to watching it even when it's not his DVD.
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I think I am going to buy that cat DVD for when we aren't home. Once I rented an old National Geographic video about "the world of cats" or something like that. And I was watching it and the cats just went nuts over it. They kept meowing at the kitties on tv.

Thanks for all your responses!
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