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Update on Fez

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My poor little kitty Fez has a URI, but he is finally getting better!!! He is going to the food bowl ALOT!!! So hopefully he will start gaining the weight he so desperatly needs.

But i have a question about his weight now. He is 11 weeks and barely weighs 2 pounds. Since he has been so skinny for a while and being so young, could he possibly remain small? I dont mean as small as he is now, obviously he will grow, but because he was so sick and so skinny will he not grow to his full potential?
I also wanted to add that we have a kitten that is approximatly two weeks older then him and double the size.
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I'm glad to hear Fez is getting better and is eating like a little piggy

I have 2 kittens that are 14-wks. and one of them (male) weighed-in approx. 2 pounds also at 11 weeks. Not to worry to much. My little guy is much smaller than his sister of the same age but he eats all day long and his body type is completely different than hers. He seems to be all legs.

He will catch-up and grow to his full potential. Keep in mind though, his body type may be a bit different and could just be one of those lucky ones that have long legs and lean body for the rest of his life no matter what & how much he eats. We should all have that problem
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