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How to find vet who will allow payments?

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I have a problem. A couple of months ago, I noticed that Meeko had a lump on his back. At his annual checkup a month ago the vet told me that it should be cut off. Then she gave me an estimate for how much that would cost - close to $800 (he is ten years old, so they have to do tests before they will put him under). She said that since he doesn't have any symptoms, having the lump removed was not urgent, but should be done sooner rather than later - that was around a month ago - yesterday I checked and noticed that the lump has gotten bigger - so I would like to have it removed as soon as possible. Problem is, I physically do not have $800 - not even close - I have been saving since I was told about this, but I'm a university student and it will be months before I have that much saved - and I don't want to wait months (borrowing the money is not an option, as the only people I'm close enough to to ask to borrow money are my parents, and while they would probably lend me money for some things, they have a very different attitude toward animals than I do [basically that they are dispensable], and I know there is no way they would give me hundreds of dollars for the cat to have surgery) so now I'm looking into a vet who will let me make a down payment and then make monthly payments thereafter until it is paid off. Our old vet (in a different city) did this, but my vet here does not, and I am having a hard time finding one that does - do vets even still do this? If so, does anyone know how I would locate one? I have been calling around, with no luck. I know there are websites that list low cost spay/neuter places by location - is there anything similar that would tell me if there are any vets in my area who would take payments? Thanks in advance if anyone has any info!
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I would contact IMOM first and see if they can help you. They have strict guidelines about who they help and why, but it is worth a shot.

Anytime you are a long-standing client with a vet, making your bills on time and not going into deliquent payments, that vet should work with you in regards to payments. I am not surprised that brand new vets where you are not established are turning you down.

Just a suggestion, in the past, I have baked for a vet, put up a horse fence and bucked hay to work off payments for emergency surgeries. Sometimes, that is an option as well- ask your vet if he has any odd jobs you might be able to do for him?
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Well, I went to my bank and extended my line of credit, even though it's probably going to get me into trouble. I just couldn't stand not getting it done for him immediately - so we just got back from the vet's, for the bloodwork (and they measured, his lump HAS grown ) and he's going to have surgery on Friday.
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Oh Kylie, I'm so glad that Meeko will get the medical help he needs, but please don't overextend yourself too badly. Have you spoken with the vet about a labor trade as Hissy suggested? Are you out of school for the summer? if you are, you could sign up with a temp agency for extra work, just until you've saved for the surgery.
Prayers and good vibes coming your way for a speedy recovery for Meeko, and calming vibes for you as you sort the finances!
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In my experience: If I have been to a vet for about two annual checkups, and I have always paid immediately and without incident, they will offer some sort of payment plan if the bill is more than $300-400. But if I don't have two annual checkups with a specific vet or clinic, I don't really expect much leeway because there is no real relationship established.

(I've never had a bunch of pets simultaneously, but I figure if you are bringing in a whole flock of animals and are routinely paying without incident, then you might expect a payment plan sooner.)

Anyway, Juniper, hope all is well for this cat and thanks for getting him treated.
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