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I absolutley hate shopping, if i do go anywhere, i go in get what i need and get out.

Most of my shopping now is done over the internet. It cuts out having to avoid dealing with mean people also.

Groceries i get at the Commissary on base. And i get all of my alcohol at Class Six/BX. Those are the only two I really dont mind going to.
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I like big lots, a store near me called gabriel brothers (irregular & closeouts at amazing prices), bed bath & beyond, New York & Co, Aeropostale, and *hides face* I do like WalMart But I hate the effect on America.
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I have a couple of consignment stores that I like: Twice As Nice and Buffalo Exchange. They carry better-quality resale.

Fourth Avenue is lined with funky boutiques and vintage stores but, its hard to find anything, larger than a size 12.

I can sometimes find good stuff, at Goodwill or the Salvation Army stores. With them, it depends upon which neighborhood that they're in. At one near my house, all blouses are $1.99 and dresses are $3.99. My friend Jennifer outfits all four of her sons there.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
I'm so excited because they are building a new shopping mall close to my home and in it will be a WalMart!! YIPEEE!!! The only other department store we have here in Garfield really is Kmart and BigLots. What are the names of the places you shop? I know Susan told me about Primark in the UK. What about the rest of you?
Walmart is awesome.. I love it.. When we lost Kmart I was so upset.. It was like the best store to shop.. Great bargains and a lay-a-way plan.. When Walmart was built YIPPPPPEEEE you're right.. Its a great store.. I get lots of great stuff from there.. Great prices and that lay-a-way plan is perfect.
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I live in Jersey (the mall state) so I've got about 5 major malls within 15-30 minutes from me. Most of my money lately though has been going to Target for house hold stuff, movies, cds (5 minutes from my house or there's one 5 minutes from work) & Mandee's for clothes and shoes. My fave mall stores are American Eagle, Express, & Aeropostale.
I've never been a fan of Walmart or Kmart - all the ones around here are kinda dirty and disorganized. Plus, there's always been a Target around for the past 10 years to go to that was closer.
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Groceries: Safeway, IGA or the locals -- Choices, Capers, Stong's; things that can be bought in quantity and stored: Costco; awesome breads: Cobs, Terra.

Cat stuff: Tisol or Pet Food'n' More; occasionally Petcetera.

General household stuff: The Bay, Sears, Zellers, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, IKEA, Costco.

Clothes: The Bay, Jay Set, assorted consignment shops; shoes: Ronsons, almost exclusively.

Pharmacy/Cosmetics/small appliances/electronics: London Drugs.

What did I miss?

I know what I missed! An absolute boycott of WalMart, for reasons already stated by others.
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We've managed to keep WalMart out of most of Los Angeles area, and like others I'm not to into the company.

I still frequent Target sometimes, but trying to move away from it.

I'm not much of a shopper anyway. Never had much money growing up so I didn't really get the concept (you go out and do WHAT?). I like used books, and of course pet stores are impossible to avoid.
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Wow, very interesting guys!!!
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I also boycott Walmart.
FYI for you Walmart boycotting warehouse shoppers, Sam's Club is Walmart owned.
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All of my furniture has come from local stores: Sam Levitz, Bargain Center and Discount Furniture. Our washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator all came from local stores, too. The new TV was from Best Buy.

For groceries, I alternate between Fry's (Kroger to the rest of the country) and Albertson's - it depends on which one has the most sale items, each week.

We only have one K-Mart and I rarely go in there. Depending upon which part of town, Ross has some good stuff and I shop Old Navy, a bit. Mervyn's has cute clothes, for the twins.
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My favorite places to shop are probably bookstores. I love going to Barnes and Noble and Waldenbooks. I also enjoy shopping at Target and Kmart, beacause there is never hardly anyone in either of these stores in my area. I like Big Lots and Dollar General too, yes I'm quite cheap and enjoy a good bargain. Oh yeah, I can't forget Bath & Body Works! I love it there.

Sash get's his supplies and goodies at Petco or PetValu.
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