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Kitty let herself outside :(

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My kitten (I say kitten, but she's over a year old) has had a habit of letting herself out, be it buy using her claws to pull the screen slider open, or grabbing the handle of the front door to pull it down and unlock it, she has been letting herself out into the wild. Usually, I'll let her go and I'll follow her until she darts under a bush or jumps a fence. She has never been outside more than about 3 hours, and that was only once. Today she let her self out again, at 10:00 pm, it's now midnight. so she's at about 2 hours. I don't know where she is, last night she got out and was up in the neighbor's tree's. However, now I'm worried she may have gone into the yard of the house next to that neighbor, whom owns a pitbull. I hope i"m wrong, but I'm still very worried about her. I'm sure she wouldn't go to much farther, because noises and lights startle her. Is their anything I can do to lure her back?

She needs to come back soon, because I'm going to be leaving for Korea in a few days. She has her collar on, but also has a habit of taking it off.
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I hope she comes home soon!
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Hurry home, kitty!
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Thank you very much for the hope and the hurry

I just did a sweep of the neighbor hood but Kitty didn't turn up, however I'm gonna go look around again in a minute or two now that I've got some kind words behind me hehe.

it's really not like her, helicopters, cars and people have been all around the street tonight, normally all three of those scare her back inside.
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update on the subject: I think I've found out why she's been out so long. First off I found her, she was in the neighbours front yard up in the tree, however she ran from me, but the while I was looking for her, a black, male, cat walked past me, so I followed it, to find another, much older, black and white cat. I'm guessing that maybe she's friends with these two. I went ahead and left her outside, but just incase she doesn't actually know these cats, I'm going out to sit with her until she comes back inside.
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An obvious question, but is she spayed? If not you may need to take her to be done quickly, in case she has mated with either of these cats? It could be she was desperate to get out because she was in heat? If she is spayed, then forgive the question.
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Yes, she's spayed. I think she's just happened to find herself two little friends. I've been trying to kinda lure them into our yard so I can get a good look at them, neither of them have collars, and they look kinda hungry, so I'd like to take them to the vet and get them fixed up so I could take them in, but my flight for Korea is tomorrow, so it'll have to wait, but oh are her little friends cute with her. They where rolling around on the grass, stalking grasshoppers together, it was a very cute moment (If only I had a camera...)
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Aww!! I hope your cat comes home soon! Hopefully she is just out for a little stroll and will come back. Something I reccomend is a childproof door knob cover. You could also lock your doors too, or put a detering smell on the doors, like lemons, or just a relaly strong scent your cat doesnt like. One day your cat might just get out and not come back. Have you ever thought of trying a leash and harness? This is often a safer alternative to letting your cat go outside, not to mention the fact your cat will enjoy the experience of being able to bond outside with you. Hopefully your cat will get hungry and come back in the house soon!! If she doesnt come home soon though I am sure someone here would be able to give you good advice to make her come home. Maybe she is just paling around with the two strays. If she takes longer than a day to come home, put her litter box outside with some food, and some clothes that smell like you and wait to see if she comes. This might also make her friends come with her too.

oh and Just because your neighbor's dog is a pit bull doesnt mean that it is vicious. I for one love pit bulls, and hate the reputation they get...

Pitbulls and other dogs arent mean or bad by nature, its HUMANS who make them the way they are.

My mom's friend had a pitbull named max that was the most loving thing you could ever have. He loved children, cats, dogs, anything at all he loved. My mom's friend was taking the dog for a walk one day when her new neighbors accross the street came out of the house with a little girl, max strained at his leash because he wanted to go greet the little girl, but she screamed and the parents yelled at my mom's friends and said to her "how can you keep a vicious breed like that in a neighborhood of children?" every time she walked max past their house they would shout things like that at her, and soon other people on the street she never knew started saying things like that to her. One day she let max outside before she went to bed, let him back inside and went to sleep. She woke up in the early morning to him vomiting on the floor. Someone had given him poisoned meat, and he died before she could get him to a vet.

sorry to kind of rant there but stuff like that gets me.. its like.. racism with animals...
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