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DT for December 20th!

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Good Morning - Good Afternoon, etc.........
I hope that all you cat lovers have doted on your fur-children already today!
I am home from the office today! YIPPEE!!!! Have an appt this afternoon - so why not take the whole day?

Enjoy yourself and drive safely when you go out.
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Hiya!! Its just gone 12:00pm here and everyone is out to lunch...except me!! ha ha ha...oh well just another HOUR to wait!! *rumble* But I have a cup of coffee and a mince pie to keep me going...yum yum....

Today is my last full day at work! Yipeee!! I have to come in tomorrow for TWO measely hours....but that doesn't count!! Then tomorrow afternoon Im off on holiday!hoooray!!

Hope everyone here has a great holiday and enjoys themselves too...
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Good morning to all of you. Still in my PJ's. I think I'll throw a long coat on over them to walk my son to the bus stop. Shhhhh, don't tell.
I am finishing up some last minute things today before the holiday. I had said I was done shopping and then BAM, went to Walmart and another $135 gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!! So, back to wrapping!
My hubby is taking me and the kids out to dinner tonight. Means I don't have to cook! Thank goodness. Thats the last thing I feel like doing today!

Happy Thursday to you all!
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Um Dtolle.... can I come to dinner with you?!! I don't wanna cook!! - you better let me or else your little secret under your coat will get out!!! Waaahahahahahahahaha .... :laughing: :laughing2
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Hello all & happy Thursday! I am at work, but it should be an easy day today - I've got a cushie job for the day - I can be on-line most of the day. I put up the tree last night. It is Gweeky's 1st Christmas & he is fascinated by the tree. Woke up this morning to ornaments on the ground - at least the tree was still standing. Merlin "helped" me start wrapping last night. It made me realize why he is nicknamed "the evil one". Oh well, what are a few cat hairs and teeth marks between friends and family. I hope everyone has a great day & don't forget to watch Survivor tonight!
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Dtolle - I can relate to that shopping thing! Except my store of choice is Super Target - I just love that store! Yesterday morning I was getting the grocery list ready so I called my hubby and asked what he needed. He was suprised because he thought I had already gone. I said no, not yet. He wanted to know what the last $100 I had spent at Target was. I said, well, more gifts. He told me no more! I was cut off! Oh well, I got to spend $250 at the grocery store, so that was enough spending for one day for me. I usually watch every penny I spend, so I went a bit nuts with the gifts this year. But the kids will be happy!

Today we're meeting a friend up at the park. It's a beautiful day, but a bit chilly; I see frost on the ground. But we're not going till noon, so it'll be warmer by then. We need to take advantage of the sunny days, since it always rains on the weekends lately.

I need to do laundry today and get started on Christmas baking too. Sure is nice being at home so I don't have to do all this and work too!

Have a great day everyone!
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My mom adopted him yesterday. He's 10 years old.

And best of all...he's Siamese.
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Oooooooooooo!! Alexnell!!! How exciting!!!! GET ME PICTURES!!!
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I'm taking my camera with. Hopefully my nieces and nephews will do cute things this christmas so I can get the roll of film used up fast and put on CD. It'll be most cats though. I have more pictures of my cats than of my relatives. I think I have more pictures of my relatives' cats than I do of my relatives.
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I'm so glad your mom is making a home for an older cat. Especially with the holidays coming around. So many times, older cats are overlooked when there are much younger ones to be found. It's sad but true. That's why in my Pet of the Week column, I try to emphasize to all the shelters I deal with to try and put in an older pet that's harder to place. So far I've had 100% success rate in helping adopt out special needs kitties, older cats (oldest was 18 years old), blind cat, older cat that was blind and deaf.

Congratulations on your new brother! Best of luck.
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It's a wonderful day! I'm at work all day today, unlike some of you lucky people, but late yesterday afternoon I finally got my balance sheet to *gasp* balance !!! So today I get to start on January's accounting. (For those of you that don't know, that would be January 2001, NOT 2002! ~ See the "Procrastination Strikes Again" thread for details. )

Alexnell, give your new brother an extra hug for me! I Love, love, LOVE siamese!

Survivor night tonight! Ooooh, and Friends night, also! Have a great day, all!
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