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Dry patches of skin

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Hi there,

I adopted Georgia, a 6 year old tuxedo from the shelter 1 year ago. Then, she had dry patches of skin with dandruff that seemed to shed more when she got anxious.
Georgia has come a long way of adjusting but there still are the patches of flaking and dandruff. I brush her 2x daily and you'd never know she gets brushed and combed. The vet ruled out mite-like visitors, and said she is healthy. I know it can come from not enough hydration, poor diet, not proper grooming.

She drinks water, eats well and I tend to think she does not groom as well as she should which is a problem I inherited. She was at the shelter for 2 years. Any reason could be given. I would kie to have input as to how to handle this, beyond the vet or 2 quickly expaining it as if I know nothing. Also, I am trying find out what priemium cat foods there are that have less by-products and fillers (starch) and more the vitamins, etc. The vet says to eat more of the dry which has the protein and vitamins, yet tells me to get Science diet which, like the others brands (for senior cats) seem to have the same things. Can anyone tell me what are the premium cat foods that are the best for the cats health besides, Science Diet, Fancy Feast, Nutro...

Georgia also takes a fish oil capsule perscribed by the vet. I'm not really complaining about the vet. It is that they think you know nothing...or maybe is it the other way around?

Thanx, angiem
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I was going to recommend Omega-3 fish oil, but it appears your vet already has done that. That usually works wonders for cat dandruff. Dont' know about the dry patches. Could this be an allergy?
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Thanks Tim (coaster) for your timely reply. Allergy is definately a possibility. If that is so it's something she already had and I am trying to eliminate possibilities with the enviornment of my home. Allergies are hard to narrow down. The dry patches I speak of is the skin that is peeling to cause the dandruff like composition on her fur. Like dry skin on a person.

Can you offer any input on premuim cat food that has less starch ( corn and the derivatives) for fillers, and less meat by-products since that can mean anything that doesn't even include the meat? The fillers put on weight whether is's dry or wet---although more so the dry.

Thanks again Tim.
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Some of the best I can think of right off the top: Felidae, Natural Balance, Innova, Wellness, Eagle Pack, California Natural, hmmmmmm.....still thinking....anybody else?

If you suspect a food allergy, Natural Balance makes a hypoallergenic food: Venison and Pea formula.

As always, switch gradually.
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Thanks Tim---You have been most helpful.
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look for the highest omega 3 and 6 on the bag... Nutro and Califonia Natural are my top two for oils.. feline caviar is also high.. those are dry for wet go for the least grains.. no laughing meow mix is good for this just read the label as some have by products.. I do like natural balance for allergy but it is low in the fatty acids and most supplements are fish based or soy both are high allergen s in cat s...
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Sharky, thanks also for responding

Can you clarify," those who go for... and if omega 3 etc. which I am already giving is a fish derivative and is also a cat allergen, isn't it a contradiction. I have checked again with the shelter and they feed with Friskies and Max Cat, both dry and wet. Georgia had this problem when I adopted her a year ago and I am trying to solve it. So far, it doesn't seem to bother her, her coat is shiny and not oily, but, I'm trying to get to the bottom of this. Oh, if they can only tell us.
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