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Originally Posted by Tari
Myth: Cats always land on their feet.

I've seen all my cats land on their @$$ at one time or another.

True that.. Today Buddy jumped in the cubboard, Well tried too hehehe he didn't make it poor guy..he landed on his Double S's too LOL
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Cats are independant animals.

Tell that to Orei, who cries if he's in a room alone, cuddles with you non-stop, and hugs you like crazy.
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Originally Posted by zazi
Myth: Cats don't like water
Myth Busted: My cats will fish around in 2 inches of warm water for straws and bottle caps so long as they are sure that there are no sink sharks.

Princess purrs when I give her a bath! She loves warm water!
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Cats are clean, neat animals.

Well, most of the time this is true, but have you ever seen your mostly white cat go into a fireplace, and play in the soot?
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Myth: Cats are graceful

Fact: Cats are just as clumsy as the rest of us. Cj falls off something at least once a day. Off the window sill, off the couch, off the bed, off the back of the toliet, into the kitchen sink, etc. He also has a talent for running into things, walls, bags of trash, the bathtub, etc. Chances are if something goes bump in the night, its cj.
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Myth: cats use their whiskers to judge spaces that are too small.

Fact: well, OK, I can't disprove this as myth, it might be true, all I know is that one of my cats has a habit of trying to squeeze into spaces that are too small for her:

She also presses her face against the vertical bars on my kitchen chairs, and if she would turn her head a little to the side, it would go through and she'd be stuck!!
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Myth: Cats have very small Brains and dont know right from wrong.................

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhHHHHHHHHHH so NOT true cats are so intellegent, infact they outwhit most humans......... so whos the thick ones.

Myth: Cats can't be trained

Ok!!! I might get an argument here but cats are great to train!!! I can tell Amber to sit, go to bed, lay down, dead(stop playing) and to go to the toilet. And it was all training. Angel is the runt of her litter so shes a little slower but believe me shes getting the hang of it.
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