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Missing Boy Scout Found In Utah!

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I thought about putting this in the Good News thread, but figured this one deserved its own thread.

The Boy Scout who has been missing in the Utah mountains since Friday has been found ALIVE! Not only that, but they are saying that he doesn't have any injuries, at least not apparent injuries.


Thank the heavens for such a happy ending for this young boy!
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What a wonderful, happy ending . Now I only feel sorrier for that poor family who lost their son in the same place last year- he has never been found .
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That's really good news!
I was fearing that they would never find him. I'm so glad there is a happy ending!
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Wow, I was just smacked back down to earth. I told a co-worker about the boy being found and in good shape. She barely looked up and just said, "Well, I guess one out of how many isn't too bad" and kept going.

Has the world gotten so callous and jaded that one person's miracle means nothing? It just really knocked the wind out of my sails...
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I am so happy that he was found safe and alive! I guess being a boy scout really helps a lot!

Heidi - that wasnt nice of your coworker - whatever happened to feeling happy at good news??

I was really happy when Elizabeth Smart was found alive. I was really happy when the Philadelphia miners made it out of the mine alive. I love hearing about good news like this. And I do look at the good news thread and have been on the lookout for some, but for some reason, the media doesn't like good news.
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I am so relieved he was found!

I work nights and I was keeping track on the developments in the case. For some reason it really struck me hard, just the thought of someone you love lost in the wilderness and KNOWING that they are out there somewhere.. Ugh I was beside myself.

Thankfully he was found and is safe
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That was the news report going off at 6am when my alarm went off this morn. I thought, WOW, it's about time we got a happy ending to something in the news lately! I think it's great, he must be one tough little dude.
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I couldn't help but laugh when they were talking about him on the news today. All he is really worried about now is if his Pokemon trading cards he ordered have come in the mail yet

I couldn't be happier for him and his family!
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I think that some people get disgusted by the news'... choice of what they report. I mean, I'm very happy for that boy and his family that it turned out well, but I worry about all the other families whose lost children aren't in the news.

Not to be a party-pooper! I hope those Pokemon cards come for him soon.
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The kids got good taste
I'm really glad they found him alright. Didn't they say he was like 15 miles from the area where that other boy disappeared about a year ago? I think they should stop sending boyscouts and stuff up there.
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I'm very happy for him and his family, but I can't help but feel bad for the family of Garrett Bardsley, the boy that got lost up there last year. He still hasn't been found and his parents continue to organize searches using volunteers. They just want to find him and put him to rest. If anyone is interested, you can learn a little more about him at www.findgarrett.org They are accepting donations to help them in their search.
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