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i was wondering my momma cat just had 5 kittens last night how long would i have to wait until i can touch them??
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Most people would tell you it depends on the Momma and her comfort level. What I did was wait a few hours, and brought her some food, and I picked them up a little while she was eating. You don't want her getting worried about their safety and start moving them all over, and that's just pretty much up to her instinct.
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I touched them a little after she had the second, I had to because one was in the way while she was giving birth. But yeah, it does depend on how much the mom is comfortable with you. Gladly, Julie was very content and didn't mind me picking them up gently to check their gender or picking them up when they couldn't find a nipple to suckle on. That's basically all the touching I did until they were about a week old. I would then go and gently pet them with a finger on the back or head if they were sleeping, to get them used to human hands. Julie was quite the sweetie about it.
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You can touch them straight from birth. Congratulations. I hope you are planning on having Mumma cat desexed after.
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